May 11, 2002

What "Works" for one of us, "Works" For All of Us!

We are all inherently and uniquely different.

Bear with me this month. Usually these updates are written for a mass audience, in very easily digestible language. In this update I may get a bit scientific. You might want to take some time to read through it, or print it and digest it in little chunks. The points I want to make, in simple language, are as follows:

  • We are all made of the same material

  • What works in concept for one individual will work in concept for an entire population

  • The new oral "GH enhancers" are sold using fraudulent marketing

  • If you're reading this before May 16, 2002, it is your final chance to register for my May 16 Breakthroughs seminar

I guess I could stop here and keep it simple . . . but no . . . you know me better than that. I always deliver more than people expect, so remaining true to form, here goes . . .

I spent my 42nd birthday in Brazil where I spoke to 7,000 fitness professionals at the annual Fit Brasil conference. They told me of the situations they encounter on a daily basis, and it was quite clear that they deal with very different people than the fitness trainers I worked to develop in Trinidad. The Trinidad trainers of course deal with very different people than trainers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or Paramus, New Jersey do.

Not only are the trainers' clients different, but the differences emerge among the trainers themselves. Some love exercise, some hate it, but realize its value. Some desire to be competitive athletes, others find passion in creating professional athletes. Some enjoy helping the deconditioned to find fitness, others grow frustrated with clients who are not already capable of exceptional performance.

The differences go further. As human biological biochemical creatures (I guess "people" sounds more appealing), we all have our own likes and dislikes, our unique food preferences, metabolic individualities, body composition, skin pigmentation, and unique values. For that reason our population has become fragmented in many areas. People who seek peace and tranquility long for green grass and a gentle breeze while others can barely survive without the action and insanity of a city like New York. When we move to a location that suits us, we feel better. It would seem, therefore, that if we find a fitness program that meets our specific conditions and goals we would feel better. Unfortunately it's not that simple.

Athletes seek out intense athlete training programs. Deconditioned often gravitate toward walking programs. Obese are drawn into the diet offerings. The shortcoming in this approach lies in our biochemical sameness. Sure, we should select activities based in part on our enjoyment of those activities, but if you have a specific goal, and that goal involves fat reduction and/or strength increase, the technology of change that works for one population, in concept, will work for any population.

One-size-fits-all programs based on "Special Needs" are often ineffective programs aimed at tapping the emotional buttons of a segment of our population. To assume that "overweight" need a program of caloric deprivation while fitness athletes need intense "fat burning" nutrition based on frequent eating of highly thermic meals is to again fail to consider that as humans, we share a chemical sameness. What works to mobilize and incinerate fat in the body of a 22 year old athlete is conceptually the same process that works to help anyone from any walk of life reduce bodyfat.

We are all made of the same material. Amino acids, essential fats, minerals, and water. We all tap into the same sources of energy. Just as fire needs oxygen, just as a tree needs water, whether we live in South Florida, Trinidad, Brazil, or Paramus, we ultimately need carbohydrates and fats as our fuel supply. Therefore, both the concept of bioindividuality and the co-existing concept of chemical sameness must be considered for anyone seeking physical change.

To date I've helped well over 35,000 people find the fitness and weight loss results they were looking for. If I had attempted to do this one person at a time, by taking individuals through 8-week or 17-week programs, it would have taken me . . . well . . . about 80 years! I had a realization somewhere along the way in building my career as a fitness professional. I realized that what people most need is power. Sure, they need exercise direction, and of course they need nutritional assistance, but if they're really going to find positive change, empowerment is far and away the most important vehicle. That realization, combined with the realization that when people fail to achieve a fitness or weight loss result it's always because of misinformation, allowed me to modify my career path . . . allowed me to reach far greater numbers of people . . . by educating rather than "training." It allowed me to find success on the radio, on television, and in conducting seminars . . . success measured not by my own growth, but purely by the numbers of people who reported finding dramatic life changes after being exposed to the empowering information I deliver.

Today product manufacturers are taught to find their "niche market." They then conduct surveys and research studies to measure the emotional receptiveness of that niche market to specific offers and promises. One area in which this is distressingly evident is in the explosion of oral products claiming to increase Growth Hormone production. If you employ some common sense, and intertwine it with the information I shared at the beginning of this update, you'll find yourself protected from the emotional power these product offerings have. Who is their niche market? People over 35 who are experiencing fat accumulation, reduced sex drive, depressed energy levels, and an overall absence of a sense of well being. That niche makes up a massive segment of our population, thus, the profit potential of such a product is staggering.

Here's a bit of reality. Growth Hormone (GH) is in fact responsible for stimulating protein synthesis, for stimulating increases bone density, and for aiding in enhanced mobilization of fatty acids. Growth Hormone is not a "supplement." It is a hormone, just as its name implies. It is produced by the pituitary gland and is a key player in the endocrine system, primarily during periods of growth such as adolescence. Research with seniors clearly demonstrated that increasing GH levels can have a profound effect upon body composition and vitality. It's important, however, to recognize that the subjects in research were individuals who had significant declines in endogenous GH production. It's also important to note that the substance used in that research was a synthetic replication of GH produced by pharmaceutical giants such as Pharmacia under the names of GENOTROPIN® and Somatropin. That's a very different substance than the oral GH precursor sellers are providing. GENOTROPIN® is prescribed legally for human growth hormone replacement therapy to help compensate for low levels of growth hormone. Note the word "replacement." It might have substantitive value to someone who has experienced a decline in pituitary GH production, but it isn't prescribed for people who have adequate GH being circulated.

The precursor sellers dismiss much of the reality. They list the benefits the drug delivered in GH-poor individuals and attach them to the product being sold. Most of the GH products sold today are combinations of amino acids. Interestingly, GENOTROPIN® is also a configuration of amino acids. The difference is, when you ingest amino acids orally, they are usually absorbed in small chains of two and three with peptide bonds holding them together. They are then reassembled for whatever specific amino acid needs the body has at that moment. Thus, the amino acid structure you ingest can ultimately be used to construct anything from hair to heart tissue. It isn't possible, at least as science stands now, to orally ingest a configuration of amino acids that delivers the GH effect the actual drug delivers.

If it were true that ingesting precursors would immediately lead to increases in the hormones the substances are precursors of, eating lots of egg yolks would deliver all of the muscle building power of anabolic steroids. Why? Well, egg yolks contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor of DHEA. DHEA is a precursor of androstenedione. Androstenedione is a precursor of testosterone. Of course the suspicion that an egg yolk diet would boost testosterone levels as anabolic drugs do would be immediately dismissed as absurdity. So too should the belief that ingesting amino acid formulas will boost GH.

If it were true that orally ingesting the specific amino acids present in GH would lead to increases in GH, we could chug milk all day long and watch GH shoot through the roof. Will milk lead to a significant GH boost? Not likely. Not any more likely than the oral products making claims.

Some of the "GH" formulas include guarana or Kola Nut which are herbal sources of caffeine. Others contain GABA which is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in the onset of sleep. Still others contain yohimbe which increases blood flow, specifically to the lower extremities, which is why, prior to Viagra, yohimbine hydrochloride was the only medically recognized drug to be used in the treatment of impotence. When people feel stimulated by caffeine, when their sexual sensations or performance are enhanced by a stimulant drug source, and when they find that the fall into a deeper sleep sooner, they tend to believe that the products are "working." The products aren't working at all to enhance GH, but are simply combining tricks that lead to the illusion of the benefits attributed to Growth Hormone.

Here's the great news. You can optimize GH levels. Resistance exercise stimulates the pituitary to up its production of GH. Positive activity (such as exercise) followed by a restful sleep leads to a further GH boost. Eating supportively provides all of the amino acids your endocrine system needs to keep its GH supply adequate. So again, the solution lies in the Synergy between the Right Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, and a Concern for Muscle! What else does the application of Synergy do? It optimizes testosterone production. It optimizes the production of glucagon in its balance with insulin to facilitate fat release. It enhanced protein synthesis for the development of new healthy cells. It creates a stimulus and hormonal environment optimal for increasing bone density.

Regardless of your perceived "need," regardless of your unique situation, if you're looking to develop a lean, toned, healthy body, all you need is a true technology of Physical change . . . a technology founded in Synergy!

Hooray for the FTC!

Today a caller on my radio show expressed that my rantings and ravings about the highly marketed electronic muscle stimulators were validated by a recent action by the FTC. "Phil, you were right!" It's funny to me how people call and tell me . . . "you were right!" I deliver information to protect people . . . and as long as people are willing to buy into hype and garbage disguised as solutions . . . my words will be heard only be a select few. I reguarly receive the "you were right" phone calls. When the FTC took action against chitosan sellers, people called to tell me I was right. When the FDA pulled Phen-Fen from the pharmaceutical marketplace people called to tell me I was right. To date I've shared the truth regarding hundreds of inviting offerings which failed to deliver. Body wraps. Toning tables. Collagen protein. The list goes on. I appreciate the phone calls . . . but I mention this because I want you to understand . . . I'm not "right" because I'm so smart. I'm "right" because I devote my time to learning, to understanding, and to tapping into research and reference materials that allow me to understand the realities behind new offerings. I've developed a network of scientists, biochemists, physiologists, and respected experts who have served as my mentors and my personal resources for understanding fitness truths. Don't be suprised by the fact that any consumer advocate is "right." If you want to be surprised, be surprised by the vast numbers of people still willing to fall victims to fraudulent claims and misleading advertising.

I applaud the FTC action. On May 9, 2002, they charged the three of the most popular "great ab" companies profiting by selling electronic abdominal exercise belts using false claims on infomercials. (FTC v. Electronic Products Distribution, L.L.C., Energizer Products, Inc., Abflex USA, Inc., AB Energizer, L.L.C., Thomas C. Nelson, Holly Hernandez, also known as Holly Bryan, and Martin van der Hoeven (Southern District of California)

The claims include:

  • Get rock hard abs with no sweat

  • Lose 4 Inches in 30 Days

  • 30% More Effective Than Normal Exercise

  • 10 Minutes of use is equal to 600 Sit-Ups

I believe more actions are warranted. Without attempting to appear cynical, I don't believe the FTC or any federal regulating agency can put a stop to all of the fraud. It's just too big. There's too much money being made. That's why I've embarked upon a mission that I hope will walk hand in hand with FTC actions. My mission is to allow them to attempt to police the claims while I empower people so they stop falling prey. Only when the desire to believe in magic solutions is lessened will we see a decline in fraudulent ads and bogus products being sold.

Don't Forget to Tune in Every Saturday!

Miami Dolphin (free agent) Lamar Thomas stopped by to visit with me on my radio show broadcast live from Get Cyced Fitness Center in Weston, Florida. (Be sure to tune in every Saturday at 9 in South Florida on Newsradio 610 WIOD . . . or if you don't live in the vicinity, you can listen from anywhere in the world on the Internet) Lamar was only one of the guests. NFL players Terrel Buckley and Heath Irwin, retired Professional Bodybuilder Viggo Snowhill, Fitness Champion Marlene Harden, and a host of others shared in praising the virtues of fitness . . . and if you think the show is exciting . . . wait until you see who shows up at my seminars!!!!!

Oh . . and speaking of seminars . . It's Your Last Chance!

This is it. The countdown is down to a matter of days . . . soon to be hours before my last South Florida seminar of 2002. My promise is 3 hours of continuous empowerment . . . 3 hours of life-altering information that will not only help you to see through all of the deception once and for all . . but will prepare you to achieve virtually any fitness result you want. I cover all the realities of supportive eating, I share the truth behind the newest supplement offerings, and I'll show you to unlock your potential by integrating a simple exercise program into you life.

The "Best" Seminar, entitled "Breakthroughs" takes place May 16, 2002 at the 17th Street Marina Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. If you're ready to take a step toward living in a body you're thrilled with, call Holly in my office and reserve your seats now! Or, if you register before midnight May 14 you can register online. Don't miss out. Register now!

If you won't be in South Florida May 16 . . . get the book that shares it all!

The testimonials keep coming.

"Phil, I never wrote a letter to compliment an author before but I felt a need to express my appreciation for your honesty and your courage in addressing the health and fitness topics that have America confused. While I knew most of the promises made on TV were too good to be true, I had no idea of the depth of the deception you so eloquently challenge. Not only does your book provide the clarity you promise, but I now feel I have a road map for exceeding any previous fitness goals. My thanks and congratulations." - Donald H. Shoreman, Atlanta, GA

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