July 9, 2001

The Mission:

In The Upcoming Year, 2002, I'm going to commit to stepping up my efforts in order to help hundreds of thousands to find their way through the maze of confusing information, and to become "the Best They've Ever Been."

The Change:

In order to achieve my mission, I'm going to make some changes in my business. Allow me to explain . . .


My father's an accountant. As a child I used to watch him write little numbers in little boxes. It wasn't a crossword puzzle. It wasn't one of those connect the dots games. There didn't seem to be any way of winning. With every new day, new numbers had to be written in little boxes. I decided early in my life I would not have a conventional job.


Oddly enough, there are the necessary evils of being a Fitness Entrepreneur, and one of them is, every once in awhile you have to review "the numbers." This week, in formulating my plan for the upcoming 2002, with a mission to help greater numbers of people trade their bodies for new ones, I reviewed some numbers. I found some interesting statistics. Firstly, while my company has a significant reach in South Florida, the internet, radio interviews, and magazine articles have expanded my reach more than I imagined. It turns out that 97% of our customers are NOT in South Florida! That was staggering, but exciting. It helped me see that the battles I've been through are paying off. While the diet industry, the supplement scam artists, and the less than ethical health clubs of the world wish I'd simply dry up and blow away, people are listening!

In Rochester, they're listening to my appearances on the Brother Wease show. In Syracuse, my regular visits with Scorch are having an impact. And from Wisconsin to Hawaii, from Canada to Australia, people are reading my articles and responding!


Physical change, in order to be healthful and permanent, must be gradual, and that's why, midway through 2001, I'm thinking about 2002. If I want to have tens of thousands of new clients and customers step up to their mirrors and proclaim, "It worked," in 2002, the time to step up my already expansive efforts is . . . RIGHT NOW!

Most of all, I want people to understand . . . it doesn't matter who you are. Whatever your age, sex, or physical condition, you can take control of your body and get into . . . well . . . the best shape of your life.

The Newest Steps for 2002

In preparing to make this ambitious mission a reality, the two steps I'm taking, each of which will have a dramatic impact on my reach and ability to empower people, are:

1. The worldwide expansion of the online store

2. The release of four of the most valuable supplements for anyone seeking physical excellence!

I'm moving my staff into larger quarters, with a focus, not as much on retail business, but rather on worldwide reach. We've partnered with internet experts to take all of the offerings we had for South Floridians, and virtually bring them to everyone, everywhere.

As far as the supplements, this move stems from the experience I've been through in my retail Headquarters location. We set up shop in a retail environment so people who might have been led into making less than valuable choices by unscrupulous or unknowing health food store employees could find clarity and valuable direction. While we were able to steer 75% of the people who came into the store away from believing a fat burner would magically melt fat or a muscle building formula would have steroid-like effects, far too many came in with blinders on, insisting that they wanted whatever the "hottest" new fat burner was.


A parade of young men walked in regularly asking for "andro-whatever," and "methoxy-whatchamacallit." They were reading the ads and believing that some new products were going to turn them into their favorite athletes. With a retail environment I had to carry those products, but I grew frustrated every time someone walked out without truly being empowered. Can supplements play a role? Sure. But not randomly and not magically.


What's most important is gaining control over the interaction between your activity and your nutrient intake. In order to achieve Physical Excellence, meals, and optional supplementation, must be geared toward optimal health and function and then refined to pinpoint the needs of specific goals. I spent the last six months refining and testing formulations as I came to realize there are only four primary goals people in search of sports or fitness supplements maintain:

    1. They want to boost metabolism
    2. They want to burn fat
    3. They want to add muscle or strength
    4. They want to energy to perform better in a given sport or arena

There are thousands of supplements on the market not because there's need for thousands of supplements, but rather because there are hundreds of manufacturers all doing battle trying to capture their share of the market by presenting the same products in different ways. This has led not only to confusion, but to questionable quality, to the twisting of research information, and to the fitness wanting consumer spending hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars each year on products that won't do them a bit of good. Even worse, some are dangerous. So I realized with four distinctive goals, I could conceptually come out with four distinctive formulas, each designed to provide the optimal mix of ingredients for each of the four goals.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce, the formulas are complete! I'm therefore phasing out the sale of those products I can't stand behind 100%, and presenting the following array of supplements, with a clear focus on the fact that supplements are not solutions, and at best, they can play a role when combined sensibly with supportive eating and exercise.

1. EAT! Metabolism Enhancer, a delicious meal replacement of exceptional quality

2. GROW! A Meal Replacement custom formulated for meeting muscle growth demands

3. RELOAD! The best post-workout recovery drink for optimal fuel and performance

4. BURN! A high protein formula with a mix of those few ingredients that can play a role in fat release, specifically formulated for "Protein Days" in my programs.

For the last few weeks I've been testing, tasting, and getting feedback and the products are now ready! You can learn more about them by clicking on the links below.

[ EAT! ] [ GROW! ] [ RELOAD! ] [ BURN! ]

Additional Notes:

If you do live in South Florida, you should take advantage of the special workshop I'll be conducting on October 4 to prepare people to handle this year's Holiday Season and emerge in better shape while everyone else is clamoring to keep their 2002 New Year's Resolutions.

And wherever you live . . . you can get my staff and I right in your corner with our new expanded on line membership offerings!

And Still to Come:

In 2002 I'll be releasing my new book, The Best You've Ever Been!

Allow me to be your coach, your guide, your vehicle for moving from where you are now to where you want to be. Prepare to be The Best You've Ever Been! 2002 is on the way, where you arrive is entirely up to you!

And For Fitness Professionals:

Join me for our October PEAK Intensive Mini Camp in Fort Lauderdale!
Our expanded PEAK Training program goes on the road!

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