My intention is to keep this site current by offering updates when new issues arise that may be confusing to those seeking fitness and weight loss.  Visit this page frequently for new information and e-mail me with topics you'd like to see featured here. Here's the update as of January 2001:

Atkins Diet e-mails are pouring in from England.  Apparently, Kevin Trudeau, who you might remember as the Mega Memory guy who showed up on infomercials remembering lists of items people shouted out from the audience, has cornered the UK with his push of Atkins "miracle."  The deception runs rampant!

Don't misunderstand.  After many debates and confrontations regarding the low-carb diets, I do not believe Atkins to be charlatan.   I just believe he needs to open up to some other possibilities and bow a bit to the findings of conventional medicine/science.  I'm certainly all for innovation and have been accused of being a bit of a maverick in my ideas, so while I admire Atkins for his stand, I take issue with his presenting the low carb diet as a weight loss solution for the masses.

Don't get scared.  I'm not going soft.  I'm still on my mission and still emphasize the importance of supportive carbs in an overall supportive health and fitness oriented nutrition regimen.  I just want to point out that my issues have been more with the marketing of products than the products themselves.  If people were clearly told that if they go on the Atkins Diet they will see a rapid water loss which can be deceiving, if they were alerted of the potential risks, if they were taught to understand the possible negative ramifications of extended ketosis, and if they understand that without a very careful concern for water intake, caloric intake, and both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, their health and metabolism are at risk, I'd commend the good Doctor.  When a new infomercial shows up, however, touting any diet as a miracle solution, that's when my blood boils.

Kevin Trudeau is not above crossing the lines of morality.  He's a great "pitch man," meaning, he knows how to emotionally push people's buttons and get them to respond.  How efficacious, however, is a produced infomercial touting a memory product, that displays "amazing memory demonstrations," in a show that is scripted and rehearsed?  When I was pursued by Talk America, they were in search of the next Kevin Trudeau.  Apparently their joint ventures had generated massive dollars, yet somehow the relationship exploded.  They were shocked and upset when I wouldn't read scripted pitches or make claims I believed fraudulent.  After all, with Kevin it was all about the mighty dollar.  I might also mention that Trudeau spent some time in jail for credit card fraud.  What does this say about the ethics of the purveyor of the newest "miracle," and when you promote on UK television, you are not affected by scrutiny of the FTC, one of the governments watchdogs on the lookout for fraudulent claims.

The deception will not cease.  Rather than attempting to battle each and every individual and company who cash in on the vulnerability of those who desperately long for lean, toned, bodies, I continue along a path of empowerment, using every gateway I can find to reach greater numbers of people with the sole mission of providing the fitness truth.

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