October 29, 2001


Supplement Sale!!!!!

It's not typical that I begin an update with a "sale" offering . . . but in a moment you'll understand. This past weekend, I was out on the beach in Marco Island trying to take a few days to spend time alone with my wife for our 2nd anniversary. I called Holly in my office Saturday morning, just to check in. She told me everything was just fine . . . . except . . . . the supplements are taking over! We have to do something!!!!!

OK . . . being in a situation where I was not about to let stress get the best of me, and I certainly didn't want anything "taking over," let alone supplements, I told her to sell them at ridiculous prices, below cost.

Before you think both Holly and I are a few papayas short of a fruit salad, let me explain. Several months ago, in order to expand my reach and serve customers nationwide and in many parts of the world, I closed down my Headquarters location and relocated into administrative offices in Miramar, Florida. As our EAT! formulas and ANSWER programs arrive, the supplements get piled higher and higher and now, apparently, we've created a massive supplement monster! It's time to get rid of them. I am presently overstocked with residual supplement inventory so, in order to prevent them from overrunning my office, I'm offering the lowest prices you'll find anywhere (just for kicks, feel free to shop around).

These prices are only available while supplies last, which will likely not be all that long. If you want any of these products, don't hesitate. Call Holly ASAP at 1 800 552-1998. She'll let you know if the products you want are still in stock (these prices can only be offered with telephone orders). I assure you, they'll sell out within a matter of days. In a moment I'll list some of the specials. This weekend wasn't only vacation for me.

Friday I visited with one of my favorite radio hosts, Rich King over in Naples. He's a great guy with a very dedicated following and I always enjoy chatting with his listeners. For 3 hours on Friday we took phone calls, and the great majority of phone calls were about supplements. I know sometimes people get confused when they hear only a part of one of my appearances. While I downplay the belief that any supplement can be curative, I'm also careful to point out that there are some that have value. I'm going to, in offering a list of some of the specials, list a few products that do have their place and provide brief descriptions of their value. With that said, here is a brief list of the over 200 supplements Holly has available at the lowest lowest prices:

  • Isopure Dutch Chocolate Meal Replacement, 20 pack - $20!!

    • This is one of the higher quality meal replacement formulas on the market. I encourage people to get a "meal" into their body ever 3 - 3 1/2 hours. While most find it impossible to get all 6 meals in the course of a day from food, a meal replacement such as Isopure can fill in the gaps.


  • Universal Soy Protein, 1.5 lbs, - Wild Strawberry, $10!!

    • Soy Protein is ideal for vegetarians. Vegetarians often have challenges getting enough of the essential amino acids for optimal metabolic function and cell repair. Many of the meal replacement formulas get their proteins from animal based products. Soy is the most complete protein in the world of vegetables. This product happens to taste great as well.


  • VPX Paradeca - $35!!

    • I'm not a big advocate of random hormonal manipulation, but VPX has gained an impressive following with their legal testosterone enhancers. The bodybuilding community is swallowing it up . . . literally. If you are already using this product, if you understand the risks, and if you are using it cautiously, I might as well sell you my remaining inventory at this lowest ever price.


  • Twinlab Male Fuel - $10!

    • Prior to Viagra, yohimbe hydrochloride (derived from the bark of the Yohimbe tree) was the only product listed in the Physician's Desk Reference as a treatment for impotence. Male Fuel combines Yohimbe with some circulation stimulating amino acids to offer a different type of "pump." Users have provided testimony to its value in improving sexual sensation and performance. Not to be used by anyone with high blood pressure or any heart or circulation issues.


  • Metaform, Pain-Free Glucosamine tablets - $15! (normally $35!)

    • In my soon to be released, The Best You've Ever Been, this is one of the products I've given a glowing thumbs up to. Research clearly indicates people who suffer with osteoarthtritis or joint pain due to connnective tissue injury are finding relief using a combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. This is one of the best selling Glucosamine formulas.


  • Designer Protein, Vanilla, 2 pounds - $20!

    • This was a best selling protein for years. There have, over the years, been questions regarding their label claims, and it has been priced toward the higher end, but at $20 you can't go wrong!


  • VPX Cross Pro Protein, 2 pounds - $20!!!

    • VPX targets bodybuilders, and bodybuilders treasure protein supplements. I've long applauded VPX founder Jack Owoc for bringing this great tasting high quality whey protein to the marketplace. He loves my endorsement, but he won't love what I've done to the price. Hey, Jack, it's only until we sell out and with a product like yours, you know it'll happen quickly!
  • Nature's Herbs Echinacea, Golden Seal 100 caps - $5!

    • This immune system booster has definite value in helping you to ward off an impending cold. As soon as cold symptoms are noticeable, consider echinacea to prevent or minimize the severity of the cold.
  • Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto 100 caps - $4!

    • This is another product that gets a glowing review in The Best You've Ever Been. Saw Palmetto has been quite impressive in clinical trials involving prostate issues. It has, in fact, out performed Proscar and other prostate targeting drugs. For me over 40, I believe this is a "must have" supplement to maintain prostate health.


    Those are only a few of the many products that are "taking over." You can also find discounts on Muscle Tech's Cell Tech creatine formula 2.2 pounds ($20), Zinc ($5), Diet Fuel ($5), Twinlab Melatonin ($5), Twinlab Super Enzyme caps ($9), Champion Lean Gainer 2 pounds ($20), Kava Kava ($5), Valerian Root ($5) and more.

    Call Holly at 1 800 552-1998!

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