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Call Kira Smith at 305 824-5044  or e-mail her if you want to talk about the results you've achieved with any of Phil's programs on National Television.  As you'll read in this month's update, Phil is about to take the plunge into the dreaded land of infomercials . . . 

Infomercials.  I've spoken and written about them for years, usually with a bit of a negative twist.  I've explained how they've become a vehicle for selling products, even if the truth has to be compromised in the process.  After my last infomercial experience and a long and drawn out legal battle, I decided infomercials are NOT my vehicle.

Throughout the last three years, I've been solicited by infomercial producers, all telling me how much money we'll make.  I turned away every offer . . . until . . . I was contacted by a couple of guys from a company named Genesis headquartered in Los Angeles (where else?).  I told them of my apprehension and they seemed to understand.  I refused to get on a plane to plan, to interview, or to shoot anything.  I told them if I were, by some longshot, to consider an infomercial it could not at all interfere with the course of my business.  I finally insisted that I would not read from a script, would not recruit "actors" and would only consider doing a "show" if we could remain committed to the fitness truth.  A week later, Andy and Barry flew to Florida to meet with me, to follow me, and to understand my position and my approach to fitness.  I was still apprehensive.  Next step . . . the lawyers!

Attorneys don't come cheap, and "top" attorneys cost a whole lot of dinero, but if I was going to consider this again, I needed to make 100% certain my message, my image, and my integrity would remain intact.  Here we sit a month later, and I have a signed Agreement.  We're going ahead and creating an Infomercial.  I want this to be 100% on the up and up, so I've asked Kira, my assistant of many years, to contact people who have been on my programs to recruit real testimonials.  I'm thankful we already have lots and lots of great stories, but we're looking for more!  Eight years ago, when my first infomercial nightmare started taking shape, I was personally in touch with the great majority of my clients.  Now, most of my "clients" never meet me face to face.  I get phone calls, letters, and e-mails, but no longer personally know all of the great successes my programs have initiated.  If you've experienced dramatic or impressive results using the technology of change I share with people, and would like to share your story, call Kira NOW!  Call 305 824-5044 or e-mail her at

I'm hoping this will become a TV show that reaches even greater numbers of people with the truth that has been the foundation of my success within this field.  I look forward to welcoming many of you as a part of it . . . and . . . let's all hope for the best!

Oh, as a final note, you know I made it a point that this site will remain unaffected by advertising.  That still holds true.  I have, however, accepted several sponsors for my PEAK Training program and I honestly believe in the efficacy of their offerings.  You might want to check them out with my personal endorsement.  Click Here to Visit Sponsors.

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