June 14, 2001. I'm fired up! I just finished yet another PEAK Training weekend for Fitness Professionals which kicked off with a few hundred people joining me for my Best You've Ever Been seminar! I thank you for all of the wonderful feedback. I'm sure you know, my interest was not as much in conducting a great seminar as it was in giving you the power to change. While the feedback is appreciated, it's the "it worked" calls, photos, and e-mails I anticipate over the next few weeks and months that will really make me appreciate the value of the seminar.

Some Words For Trainers First

Trainers will be thrilled to know I've added two new PEAK events! While the PEAK Weekend is a blast, and is a phenomenal networking and bonding experience for trainers at the top of their fields, the feedback and evaluations revealed that the trainers most enjoyed my presentations. In the PEAK Weekend we always have a PhD. in Exercise Science, we have professional bodybuilders, and a host of events and speakers who all contribute to the excitement. Since, however, the value lies in the information I deliver, I'm now planning an Intensive Weekend Mini-Camp for Fitness Professionals. You'll come in on a Thursday and fly out on Saturday and I can promise you your career will take on a new life with incredible new potential. Best of all, you'll know how to help anyone, from any walk of life, achieve the fitness or weight loss result they seek! For details, visit my Seminar Calendar.

Oh, wait, I said there were two events. The second is . . . the Road Show! I'm taking the PEAK Weekend on the road! I'll be in Baltimore November 9 and 10 to hold a 7-hour (spread over two days) workshop. If you are a trainer and you live in or near the Baltimore area, you certainly don't want to miss this one.

And For Fitness Enthusiasts of all levels . . .

You don't have to be a Fitness Pro to visit the Seminar Calendar. I'm already planning my next Best You've Ever Been event! It's taking place March 21, 2002, and I assure you, it's never too early to get your tickets! And for those of you who don't want to wait, you can join me for my October 4, 2001 Small Group "Physical Excellence" workshop (limited to 75 people) in Fort Lauderdale. While I won't be conducting any more large seminars in Florida this year, the October 4 workshop will be a Special Event. I'm calling it:

Lose Weight and Get Fit Through The 2001 Holiday Season Without Starving Yourself!

It's that crucial time of year, just prior to the impending Holiday season where Americans gain weight and feel miserable enough by New Years to make an insane resolution that they fail to keep. I'm offering a fun and empowering session to get you through the Holiday Season so you can enter 2002 in a Body You Love! Registration is only $49.99. That's 25% of what you'd pay for a consultation . . . and you'll spend 3 hours mastering the skills you'll need to excel. In the first hour I'll share an 8 week program designed to get you stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier by December 1, 2001, and bring you even greater improvement by January 1, 2002. This is the same program I've tested with select fitness professionals and health club groups and the results have been astounding. Now it's your turn. After you learn how to apply the simple steps I'll share, you'll be assigned to a Professional Trainer who will customize the program to your individual needs. You'll walk out completely empowered and while your friends are all making their fitness resolutions for 2002, most of them will be resolving to be "just like you!" (Call 1 800 552-1998 or visit the Online Superstore to register)

OK. With all of that out of the way, allow me to re-visit the "Eat Brownies" program. I must admit, I never expected the outcome I received when Brian Wilson, one of my top trainers, sent out the "Eat Brownies, Lose Weight" e-mail. Two things happened. One was . . . a few hundred people immediately ordered the program. They had enough faith in me to know I would never compromise my integrity and this program was designed to battle all of the nonsensical diet offerings with information that is 100% legit! Then . . . there was the "other thing."

I received harsh criticisms from listeners of my radio show and top fitness experts alike. They thought I had sold out . . . and I spent two full weeks sending very complete responses to anyone who was upset by the "Brownies" e-mail. Here's the reality -

Every week I am exposed to new diets, each one crazier than the one before it. The Hollywood 2-day juice diet, the Rice Diet, the Ice Cream Diet, etc. While I'm thankful that so many have learned to take control of their metabolisms by using my programs, I realize that the outward appeal of "Eat Ice Cream" sounds a helluva lot more palatable than "eat right and exercise." There are many who have been resistant to my programs. They believe the "exercise thing" is just too difficult. It isn't. They just believe it is.

In order to win over those who are looking for "quick, easy magic," I tied in my wife Amy's brownie recipe (using my EAT formula) with a simple "Get Started" program. I also tied in the few supplements that have value, but rather than asking people to rely upon the supplements for some astounding result, I educate them as to how they can use the products sparingly, safely, and perhaps efficaciously.

To date, a few dozen people using the program have already seen decreases in waist size, increases in energy, and of course, weight loss. The program isn't about eating brownies, but rather about recognizing that you don't have to give up your favorite foods if you come to understand exercise and metabolism. I do provide my wife's "Supportive Brownies" recipe, but by the time people make it to that part of the program, they fully understand, brownies aren't the secret, but rather the reward.

I apologize if Brian's e-mail left you feeling as if I were "joining the many who mislead." Nothing could be farther from the truth. The "Eat Brownies" program is just another version of the Synergy I share with people, one that is very step-by-step and non threatening. You can find Brian's e-mail by clicking here.

Whether it's Brownies, a seminar, or one of my books, programs, or media appearances that results in the breakthrough, the end result is the same. The Power to Change!

A Sad Note: Mike Mentzer, one of the pioneers of Heavy Duty training, one of the greatest bodybuilders of the 1970's and 1980's has passed away. His brother Ray passed on just days after. They will be missed by the entire Bodybuilding community.

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