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Supplements.  They're still the main topic of phone calls that come into my office and appearances.  "Which is better, Xenadrine or Ripped Fuel?"  "Which is better, Myoplex or Isopure?"  "Does Joint Fuel Work?"

The reality is, nothing works in isolation, and in mainstream sports nutrition products there isn't all that much difference between brands.  When it comes to the best selling meal replacements aimed at the sports nutrition market, they all contain protein from some sort of milk isolates.  They all contain maltodextrin as their carb source, however, maltodextrin comes in different grades.  In order to competitively price these products so they can sell in GNC and similar stores offering profits for the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer, somewhere there has to be a consideration for cost control.  It is standard, therefore, NOT to use the highest grade of ingredients.  None of the commercial products will be superior to a meal.  Some, however, will offer "the next best thing."

I opened my Miami Fitness Headquarters location as a "supplement store" from the outside.  When you walk inside it's a different experience altogether.  My staff is highly trained to help people see through fraud and to help them make only efficacious choices.  It isn't easy.  People often resist.  My staff includes a number of certified trainers.  They know that when someone comes in in search of a fat burner, they don't really want a "fat burner."  They want to reduce fat!  Sometimes it takes effort to help them understand that most of the "fat burners" are simply mixtures of stimulant herbs, and that in order to shed fat they have to make some nutritional and exercise modifications.  You want the truth?  It would be easier to sell fat burners!  People come in fixated on the bottles believing there's magic inside.  It's just that . . . I've never been real good at choosing "the easy" path at the expense of the truth.  My trainers often let customers walk out without buying the supplements they came in for.  I would rather lose a customer in the short term and hope that someday they buy into the truth than sell somebody anything that will waste their money and jeopardize their health.

What are the few that do have value?  I'll list the few supplements that have been, with the complete cooperation of my committed staff, "best sellers."

Hyperdrive 360 - the best post workout formula
Vital Pharmaceutical's Cross Pro Protein - quality and great tasting
Twinlab Daily One Caps and Multi-Mineral Formula - the essentials
EAT! The Supportive Meal Replacement
Saw Palmetto - for men over 40 as "prostate protection"
Male Fuel - it's been called the "viagra alternative"
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-complex
and of course . . . creatine.

As far as the commercial meal replacements, I personally favor Isopure and Lean Body.  Oh . . . and for those who have connective tissue issues . . . there is value to glucosamine sulfate and chondriotin (Joint Fuel).

If you're exercising and eating right, these definitely have their place as part of a complete regimen.

If you can remember the following, you'll be protected.  "Tummy trimmers don't trim tummies, fat burners don't burn fat, and diets make people fatter."  Well over 10 years ago I set out to become the trusted delivered of fitness truth, and my mission continues.  My reach grows slowly, yet those i touch add to the ground army.  With enough of us out there, it's only a matter of time until we turn this industry right side up.  In the meanwhile you're going to have to sometimes put your hands over your eyes when an infomercial promises you magic and put your hands over your ears when a salesperson tries to sell you the new miracle in a bottle.  Explore this site and to find all the fitness truth you need.  Then it's up to you to stay fit and keep growing.

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