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There are four concepts I'll share with you that will act as a "filter" to help you separate fitness truth from fraud.  If you internalize these concepts, commit them to memory, you will never again be a victim.  Best of all, you will begin the path to complete and total empowerment.  In fact, once you memorize these concepts and master the simplicity of a True Technology of Physical Change, you are positioned at the starting gate to becoming The Best You've Ever Been!  You can then explore the site to pick up as much information as you can and visit my Fitness Superstore to get started with one of my proven and empowering programs.


Your physical body, your energy levels, and your sense of well being will be governed and created by three actions:

What You Do
What You Ingest
What You Think About

While that appears obvious and simplistic, it's important to internalize.  Your thoughts will dictate your actions as well as affect chemical and hormonal production that can alter the outcomes of the actions you take.  A Positive Attitude is a vital prerequisite to optimal performance and physique development.


There are three prerequisites to getting in shape:

You've got to Believe you can
You need a Technology that Works
You've got to Follow Through

In seminars I've shared the reasons for fitness failure.  They always fall back upon some misinformation.  Unfortunately, repeated attempts using flawed technologies can result in abandonment of belief.  Know that it is possible to take total control of your body.  Understand and employ a true technology of physical change and stay with it.  Results do not manifest in a minute, an hour, or a day, but improvements stack upon themselves until, in a matter of months, improvements can be dramatic!


In order for a program to be effective, it must have a concern for three synergistic components:

The Right Nutrition
Moderate Aerobic Exercise
A Concern For Muscle

All three of these MUST be in place in order to stimulate a healthful and long lasting fitness result.  If any program neglects any of the three components, you are without question looking at a flawed technology.  The right nutrition means Supportive Eating!  As far as the aerobic exercise component, it is possible to do too much and sacrifice lean body mass which will affect metabolism adversely.  All of my programs start people out at only 12 minutes a day of aerobic exercise.  The third component also applies . . . for everyone!  Muscle is your metabolism.  Muscle is the site where fat is burned.  Muscle initiates movement.  Muscle shapes the body.  Don't get caught up in thinking of muscle as "Arnold Schwarznegger Muscle."  Every man and woman of every age and fitness level should have a concern for muscle maintenance or growth, even if the long term goal is fat reduction.  Without this vital synergy, failure is imminent.  Put the Synergy into action and you'll soon have total control.


This is the fourth concept, and while it too appears obvious, if every person who was subjected to supplement advertisements would simply keep this simple truth in mind, they'd save money, time, and the frustration that comes with failure to achieve the results they expect from anything that comes in a bottle or a jar.  You can find more about [SUPPLEMENTS] or visit the [MENU] for more information.  You can also explore my best selling programs the ANSWER and TRANSFORM, both of which will bring you clarity, direction, and a specific plan to become The Best You've Ever Been.

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