Update: More on Research 
(or should I say “Moron” Research?)

I’ve told you in the past about how research information is skewed and twisted in order to sell products.  I want people to be protected.  It would be nice if we could count on the government, the media, or our local health clubs as sources of valid and legitimate fitness and weight loss info.  Unfortunately, we can’t!   We have to become our own watchdogs, identifying fraud and deception, and sorting through all of the available info to ascertain what actually plays a role in the process of physical improvement.

As Americans become more and more deconditioned, the research becomes even more skewed and twisted.  On my radio show a few months ago Dr. Carlon Colker joined me.  Dr. Colker has done a great deal of research on the best selling supplements.  I read actual product advertisements that referenced his studies, used his name, and followed with ridiculous claims such as “pyruvate proven to burn 456% more fat!”  Dr. Colker was appalled, but agreed that this industry is too out of control to police.

Now a 2-Day Juice Diet is being marketed.  It sells for about $30 a bottle.  It’s very simply, expensive fruit juice!  The diet suggests you don’t eat for 2 days, and every few hours you drink your juice.  Their “amazing” ingredient is something they call ADVANTRA Z.  I did some research.  It’s actually an herb called Chinese Bitter  Orange.  Synephrine is the active ingredient in the herb, and while it is being included in many thermogenic formulas as an adjunct to ephedrine, the research on humans is far too vague for conclusions to be drawn.  One of the ads I found references a research study in claiming this “miracle herb’ is a great fat burner.  I looked up the study.  It was done.  On cockroaches!  How’s that for a stretch?

The worst violators of misrepresenting research information are the companies that promote and sell the new Growth Hormone (GH formulas).  I have a good amount of info on these products throughout my website.  The bottom line is, injectable GH is only supposed to be sold by prescription for individuals with compromised GH production.  It is extremely expensive.  Athletes who use black market GH often spend up to and over $150 per day.  The research does appear to prove that injectable GH can increase bone density, enhance well being, and reduce fat.  That doesn’t mean the same benefits can be touted for a product administered orally in hopes of boosting GH.  These formulas and precursors have not been shown to have any of the effects injectable GH delivers.  That doesn’t stop them from using research to market and sell great quantities of products that have absolutely nothing to do with the studies referenced.

The manner in which the supplement sellers extrapolate their claims is almost comical.  Following suit, I could sell dried turkey meat as a great fat burner!  I could give the dried meat “formula” a new name, like . . . Gobble The Fat Away, and then sell it on TV and in print ads with the claim, “proven in research to burn fat.”  How can I do that?  Well, research suggests that the amino acid tryptophan activates neurotransmitters in the brain that bring on sleep.  Turkey has tryptophan in it.  Research shows that your endogenous Growth Hormones levels increase while you sleep.  Research shows that GH can faciliate fat release.  There you have it.  Turkey burns fat!  Is it true?  Of course not, but the manner in which I discerned my conclusive claim is pretty much directly in line with what supplement sellers do to sell their wares.

On 48 Hours Wednesday, March 14, 2001, they featured stories of individuals trying to lose weight and explored the varied options.  It frustrated me.  If I were somebody who needed legitimate weight loss information, that show would leave me even more confused.   First they explored the dangers of the ephedra products.  It was enough to deter anybody from using any ephedrine based formula . . . until . . . an advocate for the supplement industry laid claim to the virtues of caffeine and ephedrine as weight loss aids.  “Sure some people died, but out of 12 million, not very many.”

A “diet guru” on the show met with a NY Fire Department to help the firefighters lose weight.  He did an impressive demonstration of how much “healthy food” you could eat to replace the calories taken in through high fat foods.  The problem was, his program was based upon calorie deprivation.  Regardless of the outcome for the sake of the show, if cutting back on calories is the primary strategy for long term weight loss, it’s in all likelihood going to fail

It’s so simple.  If you want to lose fat, you have to burn it.  If you want to burn fat you have to eat in a manner that supports metabolism and you have to exercise to improve blood flow and protect muscle tissue.  If it’s that simple, why is our population getting fatter and fatter?  They’re being deceived!  You no longer have to.   Explore my site, pick up all the informational protection you can handle . . . and then . .  . it’s in your hands.  Your physical destiny is up to you.

I meet with many people who tell me they want something “other” than exercise.  These are prime victims for “miracle solution” sellers.  They’re sitting ducks waiting to be blown away by yet another too good to be true offering.  If you want an outcome, you have to take responsibility. If you wanted to be a medical doctor, you’d have to go to college.  There’s no way around it.  It’s a required step toward achieving your goal.  If you want to drive from New York to LA, you have to put gas in your car.  It’s a required step toward achieving your goal.  If you want to love your body, you have to eat supportively ad exercise.  There’s no way around it.  The “alternatives” are traps.  It’s time for a new mindset.  A mindset that tells you that you CAN do this!  Anyone can!  It starts with a step.  Whatever that step, whether it’s a 12 minute walk, a brief exercise session with dumbbells, a visit to the gym or health club, or preparing your meals for tomorrow . . . take it now and you’re instantly on your way to physical excellence.

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