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"Welcome to The Fitness Truth, the website where fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike can cut through all of the hype and deception and gain empowerment through truth."  - Phil Kaplan

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You'll find the real story about the latest diets, about the infomercial products, and about any supplements that had you wondering.  On my Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour radio show l address all of the fitness issues head on, taking phone calls and empowering people to take control of their bodies and their lives.  Now I bring all of that information to you, without any "sponsors," without any influence, without any ulterior motives.  Visit this site often.  Allow it to be your resource for Basic Understandable Truth.  That truth will help you unleash the power you already hold, the power to be The Best You've Ever Been

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Fitness Superstore - Phil Kaplan's Fitness Superstore carries only products that receive his personal endorsement and every product is backed by an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction

The ANSWER and TRANSFORM are two programs that are changing bodies and lives worldwide.

Phil's newest book for Fitness Professionals is already turning the personal training industry on its ear.  If you are a Fitness Professional, you must have what promises to be the Personal Training Bible of the 21st Century.

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