April 6, 2001 - the New Recipe book is here!


You already know, there are three synergistic concerns if you want control over your body.  The right nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise, and a concern for muscle.  When people get started on my programs, they're ecstatic with their results and their new power, but if there's a challenge, you can bet it's going to be a nutritional one.

I'll admit, when I'm getting "in shape" for a TV appearance or a photo shoot, I follow the nutritional guidelines of my own programs to the hilt.  Lean protein, starchy carb, fibrous carb, every 3 - 3 1/2 hours in low-sugar, low-fat meals.  After a few weeks, chicken breasts grow very tiresome.  The thought of "another can of tuna" is enough to bring me nightmares.  Those simple, clean, supportive meals do get old.

The EAT! recipe book has been a lifesaver for people, myself included.  I am under some pressure to maintain my fitness, thus I have an extra driving motivation to "stay on" the nutrition plan.  I knew that if others, who didn't have as strong a commitment as I, were forced to eat egg whites, grilled chicken breast, and cans of tuna every day, they weren't likely to follow through for very long.

In the EAT! book, I shared hundreds of options for supportive meals in the real world.  By recruiting friends, clients, and associates to submit recipe ideas, I brought to the marketplace a resource that really did make supportive nutrition simple.  No longer was I subjected to the "Yuck, Another Grilled Chicken Breast Syndrome."

An interesting thing happened shortly thereafter.  I met Amy.  Amy invited me over for dinner.  My taste buds (among other things) went wild!  Amy is a gourmet cook.  The best part was, she had been following my programs and learned to create gourmet tasting meals . . . that fit into the parameters of Lean Protein, Starchy Carb, Fibrous Carb.  A little at a time she began to record recipes for me.  Everything from Sushi Style Spicy Tuna Salad to Crabcakes.  I asked her to come up with recipe ideas that you didn't require the culinary skills of a chef and it wasn't long before the ENJOY! recipe book started to take shape.  I was going to make certain I didn't let this one go.  I married her!

Well, the ENJOY! recipe book, by Amy Kaplan, is now complete.  While it probably won't be published until September of 2001, you can get the entire manuscript now!  More than 40 Gourmet Tasting Supportive Easy to Prepare Meals!  The manuscript contains ALL of the same information as the published book will.  It just might not look as pretty.  Why wait?  Order your copy of ENJOY! now!  Visit the On-Line Superstore to order either the manuscript sent via Priority Mail, or the e-mail version.

Oh, how about a sample recipe?  Click Here.

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