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In this update, I'm going to share some of the options I have available, and urge you to take at least one action that will move you closer to being the best you've ever been.  First, let me share a little of what's been added to the site, then I'll give you a few words of caution regarding some "best selling" supplements, and then . . . the options:

At The Site . . . Drink Beer . . . Eat Pizza . . . and Get Fit?

For those of you who are not in South Florida, WZTA (ZETA) is the #1 morning FM radio show and Paul and Ron, the hosts, are friends of mine (most South Floridians didn't need that introduction as they make Paul and Ron a regular part of their morning drive).  I've been helping Paul get in shape and I periodically show up on the air to check his progress and answer questions from listeners.  Every time I'm on the show, phone calls come in from people asking if they can still drink alcohol on my fitness regimen.  They also ask questions about supplements.  "Does this work," "does that work," "and does anything at all work?"  After my last visit, I decided to add a Special section to the site where I address issues such as how you can minimize the detriment drinking alcohol can have upon a fat loss attempt, how you can enjoy pepperoni pizza, as you lose weight, and also which supplements can have drug like effects.  

I've also added a section to provide info on the Supplements that do at some level "work."  If you haven't been to those areas yet, what are you waiting for?

In the last update I shared some facts, facts that can act to protect people from all of the new fitness fraud promoted through extremely powerful marketing vehicles.  I also listed some of the FTC claims against companies guilty of defrauding the public in the area of "weight loss solutions."  Those are also worth checking out.

The Commitment

It's now May, 2001, and I've committed to helping as many people this year get on the path toward being "the Best They've Ever Been," and the testimonial comments from people continue to pour in.  In every case the comments thank me for giving people the power, the ability, or the knowledge to take control of their bodies.  That's important to recognize.  They don't thank me for introducing them to a "product," to a "quick weight loss secret," or to a "new" exercise device.  They thank me for giving them the power.  The knowledge.  That's where the massive fitness fraud in the country is challenged and the damage it can do is overcome.  When people "understand" the realities behind taking control.

Be Alert!  Be Cautious!

The latest offerings that deceive and mislead people are oral "Growth Hormone" stimulators, "new" metabolism boosters, "miraculous" fat blockers, and the continued promotion of the low carb diet "revolution."  I meet people after they've tried any and all of the available options and have never met a single person who achieved a desired fitness result simply by buying a product.  Those are relatively simple to "debunk," since there's a clear cut answer to the question, "will it work?"  The answer: No!

Too Much of a Good Thing . . . 

There are some other product offerings that are not as clearly identified as having an absence of virtue.  In some cases these can be potentially harmful.  Many of these products take single vitamins or minerals that play a synergistic role in some process and promote the false belief that if you take more of this particular vitamin or mineral, health, vitality, or performance will be improved.  I'll give you an example.  Vitamin A plays a role in hair and nail growth.  Some supplement sellers have seen the value in placing supplements in salons with the promise of "healthier hair."  Check the label on some of these products.  They may contain 75,000 iu of Vitamin A, or more, per dosage!  Not only isn't that likely to better the look and feel of your hair, but it is likely to cause nausea, joint pain, mouth sores, and the complete opposite of the healthy hair users hope for . . . Over dosing on Vitamin A can lead to hair loss!

Another example.  Zinc is sold as an antioxidant and a cold remedy.  While it does have anti-oxidant properties in proper amounts, it is simply a micronutrient and must interact with other nutrients to carry out its actions.  50 mg of zinc per day may be enough for it to actually hinder absorption of other essential minerals, and if you near 100 mg per day, you may lower HDL.  HDL is the "good cholesterol."  Lowering HDL may increase risk of heart disease.

When you eat supportively, making natural food choices from a wide range of lean meats, grains, and nutrient rich vegetables, your body has an amazing way of sending vitamins and minerals off to do the jobs for which they were intended.  When you begin messing with the balance by dramatically boosting intake of a single nutrient, you can see there are some risks.

In moving my mission forward . . .

. . . I realize I have two roles.  Firstly, as mentioned, I seek to offer people knowledge that provides them the true path toward positive physical change.  Secondly, I have to protect people from the newest, latest, and greatest product offerings.  My programs, my media appearances, my seminars, my articles, and my website are all structured to meet both of those ends.  Educate.  Protect.

I want, in this Update, to emphasize a single point.  Wherever you are now as far as age or physical condition, you can improve, and that improvement over time can be quite dramatic, but it won't happen as the result of something that comes in a  bottle.  You have the power right now.  If you haven't yet unleashed it, there's no time like the present.  So, in this fifth month of 2001, I want to lay out the options I can offer for anyone who makes that decision to change . . . to improve.  There are more options than ever, and while they take different forms, they are all vehicles for delivering power and protection.

  • For those who live in or will be in South Florida June 7 - attend the LAST "Best You've Ever Been" seminar I'll be conducting in the year 2001!  Don't miss it!

  • For anyone, anywhere - If you don't yet have one of my programs, look into the program options and get started!

  • If you've already been through TRANSFORM - I've made my advanced program - Beyond TRANSFORM! available

  • If you listen to my radio show regularly, have been applying all that you've learned, but want some variety in daily menus, look into my recipe guides.

  • If you're having trouble getting to enough Supportive Meals, there's a great Special on my EAT formula!

  • If you're a Personal Trainer, read some of the articles posted in the Professionals' area (and get your "Guest Pass" to the Professional On-Line Member area to gain instant access to the May 2001 edition of my Health & Wealth Newsletter for Fitness Pros.

There lots to explore, so get started, take a step, and follow it with another, and another, and still another.  If you continue to take positive steps by consistently improving on the balance between your exercise and eating, you can't help but become "the Best You've Ever Been!" 

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