November 21, 2001


OK, we're here. The Holiday Season. Here's the choice you have to make:

Is it time to let go of your common sense and embark upon an insane eating and drinking binge . . . or . . .

. . . Would you rather enjoy the Holidays, the Holiday parties, and lots of food . . . and get into better shape while the rest of America gets fatter?

Of course you'll choose the latter, but the secret to making the pre-New Years Resolution stick lies in applying a sound technology of change. Just this morning I visited with my friends Paul and Ron, the morning show hosts on South Florida's #1 morning show, ZETA. After a recommendation from his doctor, Ron had started the Atkins Diet. He was thrilled because he lost 20 pounds eating steaks and bacon. He went on to explain to me that he has given up alcohol and sweets, but of course, as most Atkins dieters, he's also sworn off potatoes, corn, rice, and other carbs that have important nutrient value, especially to someone involved in an exercise regimen. I've known Ron for five years. I've been a guest dozens of times, not only on the morning show, but also on the public affairs shows Ron hosts. He's listened, he's read my material, and still . . . there's this resistance posted against applying the type of regimen I've been helping people all over the world apply to reshape their bodies.

As my conversation with Ron continued, he told me he's going to stay on the diet he's on until he gets down to about 180, and then, he'll maintain it. I can't even count the number of times I've told callers on the air on ZETA to stay off of the scale! Calorie deprivation, in any form, is going to result in a rapid water loss, perhaps some fat loss, but in all likelihood, muscle loss, and that slows metabolism! The scale is very deceptive. I'm writing this not because I fault Ron in any way. He's a great guy and I want to see him get into optimal health. It's just that until someone is open to understanding the true technology of change, they're destined to find frustration in expecting long term solutions from quick temporary "fixes."

So, getting back to the topic at hand "the Holiday Season" is here, and you want to avoid gaining fat, or even better . . . you want to begin shedding fat. The solution lies in recognizing that food is, at some level, fuel, and in order to boost metabolism, you have to pump food through the food burning machine with some consistency. When you get into the habit of putting supportive meals into your body frequently, your body becomes more "thermic," more heat producing. Since a calorie is a unit of heat, that means you burn more calories . . . metabolism speeds up. Tie in the aerobic movement and resistance exercise and you are in control.

Are there things you shouldn't eat! Well, there are things that will limit your ability to burn fat if consumed regularly. Simple sugar is an example. Cookies, cakes, pastries, ice cream, sugared colas, candy bars, many "health" bars, fat-free snacks, and most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar which will absolutely restrict you from attaining a point of consistently optimal fat release. Hydrogenated fats such as margarines, or the butter substitutes, are another example. Foods very high in saturated fats will also potentially limit your improvement. Does that mean never eat fat and sugar? No. It simply means, train the body to get good at burning through food. Once you do that, your body learns to burn through even the less supportive foods. The Cheat Day has been a mainstay of my programs for 20 years because it helps people avoid binging on the less supportive foods. The Holiday Season isn't any different. If you take out a calendar, and mark off the days during which you'll have one or two festive meals, and then you mark off the other invitations for gluttony such as Holiday parties, you'll realize that we're talking about maybe 10 or 12 meals between Thanksgiving and New Years that might be considered "unsupportive." In the next five weeks, if you're eating supportively, six times per day, that means you'd normally consume 210 meals! That gives you an opportunity to get 200 meals into your body that aid your metabolism, better stoking the food burning furnace (your body) for those less supportive meals.

My new book, The Best You've Ever Been, will be released in 2002, but I anticipate having the first promotional copies delivered to my offices by Christmas if all goes well. I've already made advance copies available at a discount to the first 100 people who register for my February 7 seminar. Many of you from other parts of the country have called and asked, "what about us?" Here's what I've done. I've upped the initial delivery to 300 copies, and if you order one of the initial 300, while I can't offer a discount, I can promise you'll be one of the first to receive the new book and the 8-Week Physical Excellence program contained inside. I'll personally sign the first 300 copies and . . .

Last week I went to visit my buddy Frank Loconto (Loconto Studios) to record an audio CD that will act as a preparation seminar for the Physical Excellence program. Order your first run book, the Best You've Ever Been, for the regular price of $44.99 (as with everything I do, it's with a money back guarantee) and you'll also receive the audio CD.

I even got myself motivated enough to break out the old guitar and record a song I've written called . . . what else . . . The Best You've Ever Been (will NOT be on the audio CD, but it might show up as the background for a future introductory video at a seminar).

Additional News:

My friend Jim Sayih, the 911 Fitness founder, is conducting another "Cop's Fitness Challenge." He's helping police officers all over the country find physical excellence. If you're a police officer, or if you want to check out some of the impressive results Jim's previous challenge participants, click on the 911 Fitness Banner and visit Jim's site!

And Don't Forget:

If you've gotten closed out of my 2001 seminars, or if you just weren't ready to make the change but you want 2002 to be the year you're at your absolute best, I will be conducting only 2 seminars in South Florida in 2002. The first is being held February 7 at the Wyndham Resort in Bonaventure. We've already sold a significant number of tickets, so I can assure you, it will sell out well in advance. The second seminar will not be until May . . . so don't wait. Get your February 7 Best You've Ever Been seminar tickets now. You can call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 or you can register at the on-line Superstore. Remember, the advance copy of the Best You've Ever Been first release book is only $20 if you purchase a seminar ticket!

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