There is no greater thrill for me than knowing I've made a difference in someone else's life.  Today, after developing programs that have transformed the lives of thousands, I have learned that my greatest power, my best opportunity to make that difference, lies in spreading the elusive fitness truth.

I've embarked upon a mission to conquer obesity, not by wiping out fraud, but by educating masses of people so they become protected and empowered.  This site was designed to be free from bias, free from the influence of any outside sources, and committed 100% to delivering "the real story" on those products, programs, and "amazing new discoveries" that have found their way into consumers' homes through TV, radio, and print advertising.  With truth comes clarity.  With clarity comes power.  In a world where pure fat can legally be labeled "Fat Free" (that's right!), where addictive drugs can be sold as "natural fat burners" on the shelves of health food and convenience stores, and where the pharmaceutical giants cash in as their new releases claim lives, something needs to be done.  I welcome you to explore this site, invite you to scrutinize any of the information herein, and look forward to making just a little difference in helping you develop a body you're proud to live in. 

This site is not intended to be fancy, or even "state of-the-art!"  It's intended to remain pure truth.  Unaffected by outside influences.  In previous forums, including other websites, sponsors, advertisers, and business associates often asked me to omit information or to "stay away" from talking about specific products.  Here, the only ones who will affect the content are you, the consumers.  I'll ask you to stay in touch with me via e-mail, to "shop" with confidence in my on-line store, and to offer feedback and topics you'd like to see addressed.  

I will apologize in advance for my inability to respond to all e-mails but due to the volume it's virtually impossible.  I will make every effort however to read all of your comments and suggestions and to address the most crucial and the most frequent on the [UPDATE] page which will be updated regularly.  I will also be working to set up and continually improve upon a forum, for a reasonable fee backed by my unconditional money back guarantee, for those of you who desire personal consultation or information beyond that which the site and available products provide.  For details on available options, check out the "consultation" option in the superstore.  If you're not sure where to go from here, jump ahead to the [ MENU ] and begin exploring.  Empowerment is only a click away!  - Phil Kaplan

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