June 14, 2001. It's been five months! A lot can be achieved in five months! Many of you have completely transformed your bodies, literally traded in your old bodies for new ones in the last five months . . . yes, five months have elapsed since you made your 2001 Fitness New Years Resolution.

Unless this is the first time you're here, you're aware of my commitment . . . to help as many people as possible become "The Best They've Ever Been" this year, and my congratulations go out to those of you who have either crossed that line or are well on your way. You've learned how simple it is. You've learned that it isn't about starving yourself, but rather about taking control of your metabolism so you increase the efficiency with which your body processes food. Best of all, you've learned that you don't have to settle or resign yourself to believe you're stuck in a body that won't change. Anyone can take control!

If you live in South Florida, and you don't yet have your tickets to my June 7, "Best You've Ever Been" seminar, this is your last chance. this is the last time I'm conducting this session this year! For details or to get your tickets call 1 800 552-1998 or find additional information here at the site.

For those of you who don't live in South Florida, or can't make it to the seminar, my newest program, in line with my present commitment is entitled (at the risk of sounding the least bit repetitive), "The Best You've Ever Been." It doesn't replace either TRANSFORM! or The ANSWER!, but rather enhances them. It takes you to a new level of understanding, focusing on not only the relationship between your exercise, nutrition, and fitness, but also between your thoughts and your outcome. It includes a 7-day program involving Mental Conditioning exercises that can open up new doors of potential. It also includes an 8-week "Peaking" program. This new program was designed to help health club members find the results they were hoping for. While most health club members fail to ever see the results they seek, every single one of over 100 health club members who kicked off the testing of this new program exceeded their expectations!

The book and program will be released in 2002, but I'm so excited by the new potential, I didn't want you to have to wait. You can order a 50-page summation of The Best You've Ever Been book which includes the complete 8-week program. I've made it available for a limited time for only $25! I know. It's hard to believe there's so much value attached to a $25 investment, but I do have a personal motive. I know that the release of the new program will have greater impact, reaching even greater numbers of people with the "Fitness Truth," with some additional testimonials and before and after photos. The first test was conducted with health club members and it was a roaring success. Now I want to put this program in the hands of people from every walk of life. You can be one of them. You can order The "Best You've Ever Been" 50-page manuscript for only $25 right now by going directly to the On-line Superstore.

Now, for those of you who are not quite ready to make the leap, who've been considering my programs but felt a twinge of apprehension that these offerings might be too difficult or time consuming, I've come out with what is far and away my simplest program to date. It's called . . . Eat Brownies, Lose Weight! Yup. That's really the title, and it lives up to the promise.

This new program will teach you how to get started, simply and without dietary restriction, on a metabolism boosting program that will get you on the path to physical excellence. If you're not ready for TRANSFORM!, if you think the ANSWER! may not be for you, and if you're afraid the "Best You've Ever Been" may be too much to handle, there aren't any other excuses! The Eat Brownies Lose Weight Program is here! Brian Wilson, one of my trainers, has prepared an e-mail message. If you're interested in the "Brownies" program, check out what Brian has to say.

Whether you make it to my seminar, continue on with the information you've already received from me, or order one of the new programs, all it takes is a mix of information and action. I'll provide the info. The action's up to you!

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