My intention is to keep this site current by offering updates when new issues arise that may be confusing to those seeking fitness and weight loss.  Visit this page frequently for new information and e-mail me with topics you'd like to see featured here. Here's the update as of February 2001:

There's very little I enjoy more than meeting people who have changed their lives.  Very often they thank me, and my response is always the same. 

 "I didn't do it.  You did it."  All I do is simply give people the information they need, and that information offers the power to change.  Thankfully I got to meet 500 of you on February 1, 2001.  Some of you already made a positive change, others are just getting ready to take the step.  Either way, you deserve commendation.  A concern for the way you look and feel is not a selfish concern, but rather a selfless one.  There is nothing better that you can do for the people you love than make certain you're the best you can be.  Then, and only then, can you optimally give, and when that giving comes back in rewards tenfold, you'll understand where my passion comes from.

After a seminar people ask me how long it took me to learn all of this.  My answer is, "from the moment I was born until now."  People still want "tips."  They just want to acquire some great wisdom that will suddenly give them the power to change.  A tip won't do it.  Understanding will.

In 8th Grade Mr. Sussman was my Physics teacher.  He was a nut.  He dropped a bowling ball off of his desk to teach us the principles of gravity.  He taught us to make "stink bombs" using "products you can find under the sink" and in the process, cleared out the whole school.  At the time I didn't think I'd ever use anything I learned from him.  I remember the Periodic Table of Elements and his lectures on molecules and atoms.  Everything serves us, and on February 1, I actually used some of what Mr. Sussman taught to illustrate the true power people have.

I explained that in the Universe there are only five things.  Sure, there are lots of things you can mention to attempt to prove me wrong.  Ice cream cones, giraffes, protein powder, tennis shoes, the ocean, and Pamela Anderson Lee.  Those are six things (umm...maybe seven depending how you count Pamela)!  How in the world can I back up my statement that there are only five!  Simple.  If you understand a bit about physics, you'll realize that ice cream cones, tennis shoes, Pam, and you, are all actually the result of the five things.  Here they are:

Time, Space, Matter, Energy, a Universal Intelligence

This clicked in when I began to study success and achievement and was privileged enough to come upon the works of Napolean Hill.  Visions of Mr. Sussman's class replayed in my head as I began to relate physics to physical excellence.  If we understand, at an elemental level, what we're made of, we then gain insight into how we can reshape it.  Let's look at the five things one at a time.

We all have time.  I know sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but we are all given 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour.  How we use our time is up to us.  I meet many people who initially tell me they don't have time to exercise.  In reality, they've simply used their time in such a way that they felt overwhelmed.  A careful look at priorities and a bit of time management can help anybody fit 15 minutes of daily exercise into their day.

We all inhabit space.  Some of us inhabit more space than others, or more in fact than we used to.  We are actually in control of how we utilize the space around us as well as how much space our bodies actually inhabit.

We are all actually made up of matter.  The molecules that form your body might have once been involved in forming the body of Marilyn Monroe.  Matter doesn't vanish, it simply changes form.  The way the molecules that make up your body are assembled dictates how you look and feel every time you glance in the mirror.  It might feel as if those molecules have run amok, but in reality, if you learn to modify what you eat, what you do, and what you think about, you are quite capable or reassembling that matter to create a vision that pleases you.

Energy is what holds that matter together.  If you learn to utilize your energy efficiently and effectively, there are no limits to the physical excellence you can ultimately achieve.

It stands to reason, therefore, that we are in control of four out of the five things that make up everything in the Universe.  The fifth we can't control, but we must understand.

There is a Universal Intelligence.  You can't keep a fire burning without oxygen.  It's not possible.  It's a Universal law.  There are Universal laws that apply to fat loss, but many haven't yet come to understand them.  If you attempt to lose weight by putting your body in a state of calorie deprivation you're going to wind up fatter in the long run!  It's a Universal law!  If, however, you learn to effectively combine the right nutrition with moderate aerobic exercise and a concern for muscle, the law dictates that you gain control.  You gain control over time, space, matter, and energy, and that control becomes the vital first step to placing you right inside a body you love.

If this seems abstract, if you think I'm losing it, don't worry.  I'm not about to drop any bowling balls or create any "stink bombs."  I've learned to help people understand, any way I can, the Universal Laws that dictate how we look and feel.  If you understand those laws, you'll no longer seek out destructive diets, dangerous drugs, or bogus supplements.  

My seminar is not an exploration of physics.  It involves shoulder rubs, balloons, and all sorts of things that help me to have an impact.  500 people came in to the February 1 seminar confused, 500 people had fun, 500 people became empowered, and 500 people walked out with complete clarity.  I found the feedback so rewarding, and we've already received so many calls asking, "when's the next one," I've decide to do it again!  June 7, my Best You've Ever Been seminar returns to South Florida.  I can't promise balloons, but you never know what to expect.  Bring your matter with you and I'll show you how to control time, space, and energy.  You'll walk out empowered and on your way to physical excellence.

If you're not yet registered, and you live in South Florida, you better hurry up and call. Tickets are going fast for the June Best You've Ever Been seminar so call my office now or visit the on-line store to get your seats. Tickets are also available at my Headquarters location in Miami Lakes.

Remember, you are in control of time, space, matter, and energy.  If you understand the laws of Universal Intelligence, you'll be empowered to truly become The Best You've Ever Been!

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