Quite Simply . . .
The Best Recovery and Glycogen Replacement Drink in Existence!


RELOAD!, formulated by Phil Kaplan specifically for his personal clients (people who seek physical excellence) is quite simply the best recovery and glycogen replacement drink in existence. No corners were cut in creating this product based solely on science. RELOAD uses only the highest quality ingredients. No magic. No miracles. Just science.

Here are some comments from RELOAD! customer, William Barnes:

I've been a serious weight lifter for over 10 years, and only within the last three years have my efforts been very productive towards getting me the body I love. Much of that strategy for the last three years has been discovering the importance of fueling the body right with supportive nutrition. None of the products I bought or experiments I came up with replenished my body well enough until I found RELOAD. I have seen an amazing increase in muscle in just one short year from approximately 195 lb to 212 lb of lean tissue. I've also been a personal trainer for the past three and half years, and if there is one product I strongly recommend to my clients who are interested in adding muscle and replenishing the body after a great workout it is RELOAD. Nothing else comes close!

When considering RELOAD!, consider two things. Value, and Quality. If you're currently supplementing or considering supplementing with 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per day, or post workout L-Glutamine . . . it's in there . . . along with an ideal amino acid blend for protein synthesis, a mix of fast release and slow release carbs to replenish fuel reserves, and a complete profile of vitamins and minerals. RELOAD is ONLY available directly through Phil Kaplan's private offices. To order, call 1 800 552-1998 or visit the On-Line Store at, your resource for results!

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