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Phil has regularly updated this site with new and timely information related to health, fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss.

Below you'll find a listing of the most often accessed updates.

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  The Headline The Date The Topic
The Supplement Short List 09-07-05 The supplements in my kitchen cabinet - a complete list
What Do We "Need?" 07-15-05 The difference between what some "think" they need and actual necessity
5 Fitness and Weight Loss Scams of 2005 03-14-05 New ab devices, New supplements, etc.
Tried Everything? 01-22-05 I've Tried Everything and "Can't" Lose Weight
Santa's Resolution 12-26-04 The Night After Christmas
E-mail Fitness Rip-offs and more 10-28-04 The Fraudulent Offerings
A Hot New Supplement 08-05-04 CortiSlim - the Real Story
What's New? 06-02-04 Ignorance, False Beliefs, and Reality
A Short Guide Through The Supplement Maze 03-28-04 New Twists and Turns in Supplement Land
Who Can You Trust? 02-05-04 Beware of Bad Advice
Another Steroid Question 02-02-04 Some Anabolic Steroid Truths
The Five Obstacles That Prevent Achievement 12-12-03 Why Fitness Resolutions Fail
Just Because It's In Print 11-17-03 Don't Always Believe What You Read
The Five VIP's of Fat Loss 10-15-03 The Body's Inner Workings

Healthy Foods?


Which Foods Are "Good," Which are "Bad?"

Bars and Meal Replacement - What's Best


Understanding What's Really inside the Containers

The Ab-Solute Truth


The Only Way to Get "Great Abs"
The Great Diet Debate and Atkins Revisited 04-20-03 The Latest Diet Science and a Closer Look at Atkins
I Know What I Should Eat . . . But 03-22-03 Additional Options for "Eating Right"
Deceptive Food Labels 03-06-03 The Labels Lie - Learn to Understand The Deception
The Relationship Between Sex and Fitness 02-04-03 Being Fit Leads to Better Sex - and Here's Why
The Talk Show Illusion - Infomercials Exposed 01-12-03 The Latest Infomercials Pretend to Be Talk Shows
Penis Enlargers and Breast Enhancing Pills 12-14-02 Do They Work? C'mon Now. You Know Better.
How Do I Lose This? 11-20-02 Selective Fat Loss (Spot Reducing)
The Promise and The Real Story Behind Infomercials 08-27-02 The Paradigm That Makes Infomercials Successful
Clearing Up Four Prevalent Myths 08-01-02 Eating Late, Whey Protein, Hormonal Products, Atkins
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due 06-20-02 Rip-Offs, Outrageous Claims, Absurd Promises
Miracle GH, What "Works" 05-11-02 The New Growth Hormone Miracle Offers
Women on Steroids and More on Core Training 03-25-02 The Virtues of Core Training, The Perils of Steroids
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fitness 02-15-02 The Newest Positive Offerings, The Dangerous Lures
Counting Calories 01-14-02 Understanding and Welcoming the Calorie
The New Electronic Ab Offerings 12-12-01 Electronic Ab Stimulation Realities
Weight Loss Bread and Other Nonsense 11-03-01 Hunza Miracle Weight Loss Bread
Getting Back to Doing What We Do 10-03-01 Making Fitness a Priority After the Tragedy
Tragedy and Love 09-19-01 Post September 11th Editorial
Myths, Fallacies, and False Beliefs 08-15-01 Nutrition and Exercise Mistakes
The Internet, Leptin, Steroids, and More 08-01-01 Black Market Drugs on the Internet
The New Supplements 07-09-01 The Story Behind Phil's New Supplement Line
Phil-osophies and Rip-Off Realities 04-07-01 Realities Behind Testimonials and "Evidence Pictures"
Research Has Proven 03-15-01 The Questionable Presentation of "Research"
Time, Space, Matter, and Energy 02-01-01 We're All Made of the Same "Stuff"
Atkins Hits the UK 01-15-01 Atkins Promotions Take England By Storm

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