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The Brand New 21-Day Program!!!!!

Meet with Phil "live" over the course of 21 days
in West Palm Beach!!!!

Why Small Groups?

If you know me you know the great passion I have for helping people. Every time I receive another "thank you" phone call or email I know the years of learning, the undying commitment to understanding and sharing the realities behind fitness and weight loss has a payoff.

I’m thankful that I now conduct seminars for anywhere from 500 to 5000 attendees and there’s a wonderful thrill that comes with the sense that thousands of lives are about to change as a result of a 3-hour event. 

The large seminars are high-energy, exhausting, and incredibly rewarding . . . but they aren't enough . . . at least not for me.

The thing I miss is the follow through . . . the staying with the clients through their programs, watching the physical and emotional transformations that come with the knowledge that you’re finally in control of your body.  My schedule is too erratic to maintain one-on-one personal training, but the small groups allow me to deliver the impact of a seminar, while getting to know each participant and working with them to make certain they learn to apply all of the vital elements of the synergy.

The New 21-Day Program

If you know me you also know I've developed several programs, all directed at empowering people to gain control over their bodies and their lives. I'm thrilled that after honing, testing, refining, and testing some more, my 21-Day Program is in a class by itself! It breaks all of the rules of convention, but let's face it, convention isn't working! America's fatter than ever. It wasn't all that difficult to create a program that could empower people within 3 weeks, but the challenge was, I wanted to demonstrate not only the "how to," but the evidence. I wanted people to see, feel, and identify true measurable change in only 3 weeks. They (whoever they are) say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Although I haven't been able to find any substantive research showing that to be true, I have seen attitudes, lifestyles, outlooks, and bodies change in a 3-week period, and from this point forward I'll not only prove it repeatedly, I'll guarantee it!

The Goal

The goal is to make this exercise and eat right thing a habit . . . for life.  The results can be surprising over 3 weeks, but more importantly, the 3 weeks is an education. In fact, it should prove to be the most rewarding 21 days weeks of your life. The combination of instruction and empowerment result in the adaptation of a new mindset, a mindset that allows you to absolutely know you can do this, a mindset zeroed in on continued progress toward “physical excellence.”

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking for a physical change!   It’s interesting, but in the first group people are usually apprehensive.  They look around the room and they may see a visually fit bodybuilder, an overweight fifty-year-old, and a senior entering his or her seventh decade.  Only 15 minutes into the first session, everyone comes to understand, the concepts I share work for everyone.  I teach people to boost metabolism, to build muscle, to shape muscle, to improve balance and coordination, and to burn fat.  I teach people to adjust the way they eat, think, and move. From that point on, everyone becomes a sculptor  . . . their bodies become the clay.  If the goal is muscle growth, you’ll understand how to get there.  If the goal is to find greater ease in lifting your child, greater comfort in the daily tasks your body is challenged by, or improvement of your golf game, you'll completely understand how to facilitate ongoing and consistent progress. If the goal is to trim the waist or get rid of cellulite, you can rest assured you'll face your reflection in a few short weeks and notice a smile extending from ear to ear.

How Much?

Normally a private consultation with me is $200 and there’s typically a 3-month wait for an appointment.  The Small Group workshops include three group sessions with me. You'll also recieve the 21-Day Physical Excellence Program Guide which all participants take with them and can use for a lifetime.  There is also a pre and post-program assessment and for a limited time I'm including three one-on-one sessions with one of my trainers, one-per-week over the 21 days.  The entire program is $399. Best of all, it's a life-changing investment that will last you for years to come!

The groups are limited to 12 people and they do sell out. 
Call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 to find out about dates and availability.

(NOTE: The next workshop begins July 20!!!!! Call NOW!)

Small Group Workshops are held in Phil Kaplan's Wellington Office
3132 Fortune Way, Wellington (W. Palm Beach), FL

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