December 12, 2003

I'll share the Five Obstacles most likely to screw up fitness New Years Resolutions . . . but first . . . a seasonal poem . . .

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and candles were glowing,
While thighs were expanding and bellies were growing.
Up in the North Santa put on his hat,
To think, and to plan, and to burn up some fat

He went for a walk and he pondered aloud
“This year I want to make Mrs. Claus proud.”
“I’ll cut back on cookies, I’ll exercise more
I’ll buy cases of Slim Fast from the grocery store,
I’ll walk and I’ll jog and I’ll kick my own butt
Then I’ll crank up on Trim Spa and Hydroxycut,
I’ll glide and I’ll crunch on amazing devices
And promise to give up those pizza pie slices”

While Santa was planning the elves were awake,
Feeling guilt as they polished off Holiday cake.
They huddled together ‘round the nicely trimmed tree,
And thought of how nice trimming tummies would be.
Deciding they’d start with their own middle sections,
They considered beginning growth hormone injections.
If that didn’t pay off they’d go to the doc,
And ask him to reset the fat burning clock.
They’d follow Al Roker and staple their guts,
And lipo the fat from their oversized butts.

Mrs. Claus heard the rumblings and sensed desperation
She recalled tuning in to a radio station,
Where a fitness professional helped people learn
A method effective at making fat burn.

She sent out an email, “oh Phil can you help,
My husband is swallowing capsules of kelp,
The North Pole’s abuzz with obesity woes,
And where the solution lies nobody knows.”
“Old Santa was once fit” she typed in her haste,
“But each year I’ve let out his Santa suit waist,”
“Santa was trim on our honeymoon in Bimini,
But tonight I’m afraid he’ll get stuck in the chimney”

Phil Kaplan responded and told Mrs. Claus,
“Misinformation’s the obesity cause.”
From Florida state where the weather is warm
He sent to the North Pole the program TRANSFORM!

The Clauses with glee screamed “we’ll be leaner and tighter”
And the reindeers are thrilled that their load will be lighter.

The question that now begs to find a solution,
Is whether you’ll make one more failed resolution.
If you’re caught up watching the late night TV,
Where fitness folk promise they’ll all set you free,
If you’re reading the ads for the miracle pills,
And for supplements promising to cure all your ills,

Get wise and get ready and make this one stick,
Just follow TRANSFORM! like your old pal Saint Nick,

The payoff is grand, its fitness and more . . .
A Body You Love in 2004!


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TRANSFORM! 17-Week Body Transformation Program

We know most people make resolutions related to fitness, and we also know most of them fail. While people will indict a lack of willpower, poor genetics, a hectic lifestyle, or lack of time, more often than not the failure lies in one of these five mistakes or limitations:

1. Absence of Belief - repeated attempts can cause hope to rise to the surface come January 1, but hope doesn't always equate to belief. Most people seeking fat loss are familiar with the resolution route, and repeated bouts with perceived failure limit the belief that it's possible. Although hope may be high, with an absence of belief, people aren't likely to stick to the program for any significant period of time. The recognition that previous failures were actually the result of flawed attempts using ineffective technologies combined with an understanding of "what really works" can bring belief up to an entirely new level, and that is an absolute prerequisite for seeing the resolutions pay off.

2. A reliance upon aerobic exercise - the first week of January people take to the streets, walking or jogging believing that a commitment to an exercise program means a commitment to aerobic exercise. The aerobic classes in health clubs fill up, the "cardio area" often has a waiting list, and miles and miles are racked up from those who hope that the new program will bring the desired results. Without, however, a concern for muscle (meaning resistance training), aerobic programs can actually lead to metabolic slowdown. Aerobic exercise is an essential piece of the puzzle, but it is not the whole. A fat loss attempt built solely around aerobic exercise is a pretty certain path to long term frustration.

3. Not Eating Enough - this year the South Beach diet is the rage, but this is simply a reinvention of eating programs based on nutrient avoidance or calorie deprivation. Whether you try to live on cabbage soup, ice cream, or meals made entirely of protein, if you do not take in adequate nutrients to maintain metabolic function, metabolism will slow and weight loss will be short lived. Historically weight loss resolutions fail. Historically weight loss resolutions include a reliance upon a diet . . . an ineffective technology.

4. Failing to recognize the impact of both fat and sugar - our society is now divided between the "avoid fat" preachers and the "avoid carbs" evangelists. Supportive nutrition isn't going to come from avoiding nutrients, but rather from understanding their roles and their potential impact upon our biochemistry. Saturated and hydrogenated fats are indisputable contributors to our national obesity concerns, but avoiding those fats isn't enough to ensure leanness. Most of the "fat free" foods that attract those who believe fats are evil and laden with sugar, be it glucose, high fructose corn syrup, or the more confusing sugar alcohols. Frequent ingestion of simple sugar alters pancreatic function to limit fat release and position the body to efficiently add to its fat reserves. Supportive eating asks you to make your food choices wisely, getting valuable meals comprised of lean proteins, complex starches, fibrous veggies, and essential fats. Trading fat for sugar or vice versa is yet another sure fire path to a failed resolution.

5. False expectations - 30 pounds in 30 days, lose 10 pounds in 48 hours, and eat anything you want and lose weight like crazy are all promises made by unscrupulous marketers capitalizing on America's want for weight loss. These promises lead to a mistaken belief that it is possible to lose fat quickly and easily. I teach people to judge their fat loss progress in stages. First, it's essential to stabilize blood sugar and the evidence that it's "working" is a consistent elevation in energy. With blood sugar stable, fat release can be consistent and ongoing, but it cannot be judged by the scale. If you understand that the body is not capable of shedding more than two pounds of fat per week with any regularity, you'll understand why false expectations can quickly lead to discouragement and abandonment.

The TRANSFORM! Program is designed to help you cut through all of the nonsense, to help you completely understand the strategy that allows you to gain control of your body composition and your metabolism, and is guaranteed to begin your resolution on the right foot. Let 2004 be the year you gain control. Order my TRANSFORM! 17-Week Body Transformation Program!

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