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The Shows:

Classic Show!

The Experts Round Table
Phil is joined by experts John Parrillo, Dr. Michael Colgan,
and Biochemist Anthony Almada
This is a much requested show taped in 1995

The Weekly Shows:

Radio Show, June 9, 2007 (mp3)
Broadcast live from Fitness 21.
Trainers and clients reveal
the keys to physical change.

Radio Show, June 2, 2007 (mp3)
Phil address "the alternative Atkins"
then explains the reality of "cutting carbs."
The second half is driven by phone calls.

Radio Show, May 19, 2007 (mp3)
Phil discusses Body Image
with the author of Adios Barbie (renamed Body Outlaws)
Ophira Edut

Radio Show, April 28, 2007 (mp3)
Phil shares an experience that serves an example of the power of
Belief Swapping
Changing Thoughts Changes Outcomes

Radio Show, April 21, 2007 (mp3)
Phil exposes the art of masking the disclaimer;
He then goes on to share a four-exercise routine
And he describes how the routine integrates into "Synergy"

Radio Show, April 7, 2007 (mp3)
Phil is joined by nutrition expert,
Dr. Chris Mohr.
Supplements? Diets? Recovery? Listen!!!

Radio Show, July 15, 2006 (mp3)
After last week's discussion about women, emails came in!
They suggested Phil speak to . . . men . . . or women . . .
He brings back female support. Fitness Champion turned Personal Trainer Kim Pace!

Radio Show, July 8, 2006 (mp3)
Phil speaks to women? About cellulite? Yup!
Don't worry, he isn't alone.
He recruits the help of Personal Trainer Kelli Calabrese.

Radio Show, March 25, 2006 (mp3)
This show is unique - as if Phil's coaching you directly.
You'll find an outline and the show download (mp3)
addressing foundational fitness truth!

Radio Show, March 4, 2006 (mp3)
Phil begins addressing "the gastric bypass pill."
He's then joined by trainers and staff members
from Fitness 21 to discuss the 21 Day Journey to Excellence

Radio Show, February 18, 2006 (mp3)
The mold removing light-bulb?!?!?
Advertising of current weight loss offerings that ignore diet realities

A discussion of "abs" and an opportunity to obtain a free "abs report"

Radio Show, August 27, 2005
This one didn't air, Hurricane Katrina made sure of that
But it gives people back their "sense"
So Listen Now!

Radio Show, August 20, 2005
Phil clarifies The Atkins Bankruptcy
and shares some diet history
Callers ask for help, and Phil obliges

Radio Show, August 6, 2005
Phil's friend Lee Labrada returns
to discuss his new book
The Lean Body Promise

Radio Show, March 26, 2005
Putting "who we blame" and common excuses in perspective
Getting "back in the swing" after a layoff
Taking a physical fitness test . . . without carbs???

Radio Show, March 12, 2005
A 2005 glimpse at "Diets"
Sharing statistical information on the latest diet "survey"
And sharing the realities of someone on "their own diet"

Radio Show, March 5, 2005
Phil addresses the topics health reporters most frequently ask
He also discusses weight loss desperation and . . .
The difference between eating "healthy" and eating "supportively"

Radio Show, February 26, 2005
Phil addresses "The Five Scams of 2005"
Learn about deceptive supplements, food labels,
flawed exercise offerings, etc.

Radio Show, January 22, 2005
Phil is joined by Adriana, Fitness 21's Group Exercise Director
and a special appearance by co-author of Feminine, Firm, & Fit,
Debbie Hickey

Radio Show, January 1, 2005
Of course Phil addresses the New Years Resolution
And takes phone calls to help people
start 2005 on the right fitness foot!

Radio Show, November 6, 2004
An interview with Stephen Moss,
the author of Lose Weight With The Power of One.
Special guest appearance: "Holly!"

Radio Show, October 2, 2004
Afraid of potatoes?
How do people lose weight . . . if they aren't into dieting?
What is the fastest way to lose abdominal fat?

Radio Show, September 18, 2004
Phil addresses some "rumors"
Do dairy products burn fat? Does eating after 5 PM make you fatter?
What does "Research Has Proven" really mean?

Radio Show, August 28, 2004
Juan Carlos (JC) returns in rare form.
JC addresses some valuable training techniques he uses with athletes
and goes on to explain how these strategies can benefit everyone

Radio Show, August 14, 2004
Phil is joined by two members of the Fitness 21 Team (from Get Cyced)
Bob brings Chris, a client who achieved an impressive transformation
Gina shares important fitness and weight loss tips

Radio Show, August 7, 2004
Sunny's been a regular guest, a South Florida personal trainer imported from Germany.
Phil almost gets a Sunny punch in the head when he suggests . . . . wrestling?!?!
Sunny then takes on "Bubba" the audio engineer,
to try to get him committed to exercise . . . once again!

Radio Show, July 31, 2004
Phil addresses the importance of "belief"
A miracle cure for everything from the flu to AIDS?
Phil helps a caller understand why he gained weight and offers solutions

Radio Show, July 24, 2004
A surprise in-studio visit from Juan Carlos Santana,
renowned expert in functional exercise.
Phil and Juan Carlos discuss the 12 week program they created.

Radio Show, July 10, 2004
Phil discusses the difference between being gullible, desperate, and misinformed
He further explains how one fat burner company grossed over $3 Billion
A caller tells Phil she doesn't have the power to stay on a diet

Radio Show, June 12, 2004
Live from the Personal Trainer Business Forum in Fort Lauderdale
Featuring special guests Juan Carlos Santana and Kelli Calabrese
Also appearances by Dr. Sal Arria and Cory Everson

Radio Show, May 22, 2004
Why can't people believe Phil has a baby?
How do you commit to a program with a busy work schedule?
Resolving low testosterone and fat accumulation

Radio Show, May 8, 2004
Weight Loss Lollipops?
Another visit from Bob from Get Cyced and Dan "The Shrinking Man"
An interview with Brad Schoenfeld, author of Look Great Naked

Radio Show, May 1, 2004
Phil starts out reading some emails with an interesting twist
A former competitive cyclist calls trying to trim down
A caller concludes the show by stating "steroid use can't be bad"

Radio Show, April 17, 2004
The show is driven by phone calls.
Callers ask questions about testosterone manipulation,
and supplements including tribulus, chitosan, and Phase 2

Radio Show, March 13, 2004
Phil explains why he asked one of the most bizarre questions ever,
"Do you have nipples?"
A caller discusses steroids, "are they good?"

Radio Show, March 6, 2004
The Super Immune Egg and MLM,
A call comes in from a vegetarian frustrated with results,
An explanation of "moderate" aerobic exercise

Radio Show, February 21, 2004
Phil is joined by Personal Trainer Bob Fixel
Bob, a trainer at Get Cyced,
brings Barb and Dan, two clients to share their stories

Radio Show, February 14, 2004
Phil is joined by Dr. Shawn Talbott
Dr. Talbott is the author of The Cortisol Connection
Is a supplement going to save us by tackling cortisol?

Radio Show, November 8, 2003
Phil again addresses the low carb diets
but this time he shares some emails from individuals
who had suffered from bouts with carb deprivation

Radio Show, November 1, 2003
Phil is joined by Cory Everson and friends
Live from the Wyndham Resort in Fort Lauderdale

Radio Show, October 25, 2003
When Viggo and Get Cyced Elite Trainer Michelle join Phil . . .
the Fitness Truth gets delivered in a whole new light!

Radio Show, October 18, 2003
eight Loss Candles? Yup! An Actual Product Offering!
Of course Phil provides the straight scoop
and then goes to the phones

Radio Show, October 4, 2003
Fat Burners Have Become Big Business,
and People Are Unknowingly Mixing Fat Burners and Drugs!
Phil restores your fitness common sense.

Radio Show, August 23, 2003
The Crazy Fitness and Weight Loss Alphabet
10 Empowering Fitness Facts Everyone Should Know

Radio Show, July 19, 2003
Phil answers questions about:
meal replacements, nutrition for an Olympic hopeful,
how much exercise is "too much" exercise?

Radio Show, July 5, 2003
An ad for HGH Therapy prompts Phil to share
Secrets of Fat Loss
Also: The European Breakthrough - cellulite-reducing panties?!?!?

Radio Show, June 28, 2003
Phil is joined by personal trainer / fitness competitor
Sunny Streurer


Radio Show, May 31, 2003
Phil rattles off a long list of questionable fitness offerings
His assistant Holly unexpectedly visits
Phone calls address exercise timing, stability balls, and more

Radio Show, May 24, 2003
Phil is joined by
bodybuilding Superstar
Lee Labrada

Radio Show, April 19, 2003
The calls include topics:
Fasting, Fish, NO2, and Ephedrine-Free fat burners
Oh yeah, and Phil saw a dinosaur?!?!?!

Radio Show, April 12, 2003
Phil addresses a new "Miracle Pill" and gives his slant on the ads.
Callers ask questions on topics ranging from
weight training routines and routines for adolescents to
aerobic exercise and fat loss.

SPECIAL!!! Radio Show, March 29, 2003
(This wasn't broadcast on air due to the war in Iraq)
For internet listeners, Phil compiled some "best of" intervews.
Hear pro bodybuilder Mike Christian discuss his drug addiction.
Phil also chats with Mike Ashley, Flex Wheeler, and Joe Weider.

Radio Show, March 1, 2003
Phil begins by clearing up a few of the most plaguing exercise mistakes
He goes on to take phone calls about creatine and sugar
and some new questions about weight loss and weight gain

Radio Show, February 22, 2003
Phil begins by mentioning the ephedrine related death of Oriole's pitcher Steve Bechler
He then explains a brief history of addictive stimulants sold as solutions.
The rest of the show is driven by phone calls on various topics.

Radio Show, February 15, 2003
Phil starts off by explaining 3 common mistakes he sees people making
He addresses the marketing for a "hot energy pill"
He then takes phone calls on everything from creatine to vegetarianism.

Radio Show, February 8, 2003
Despite some technical challenges with the phone system,
after debunking the "hottest new supplements"
Phil takes phone calls on weight loss and muscle gain.

Radio Show, February 1, 2003
Phil's show was pre-empted due to the shuttle tragedy
He recorded a show later in the day where he reveals
The 7 Warning Signs of Diet and Fitness Offerings

Radio Show, January 18, 2003
Phil exposes five products most likely to be revealed as scams
Questions come in about breaking a plateau, bread, and overexercising
Phil also shares American Council on Exercise's research

Radio Show, January 11, 2003
Unfortunately only a part of this show was captured on tape
The show begins with Phil reading a CNN report
that life expectancy is shortened 7 years as a result of obesity

Radio Show, December 14, 2002
Professional bodybuilder Viggo Snowhill returns!
Questions come in about diets, vitamins, and chromium

Viggo and Phil

Radio Show, December 7, 2002
It's the Holiday Season and the infomercials and ads come out of the woodwork
Phil addresses products that will be sold aggressively over the next few weeks.
Everything from bust enhancing pills to "swinging abs."

Radio Show, November 9, 2002
Phil is again sharing realities behind stimulant herbs marketed as miracle solutions
After his monologue, Phil took a variety of phone calls
throughout the rest of the show

Radio Show, November 2, 2002
Broadcast From Manhattan Beach, California
with the top personal trainers in the world in the house!
Features Anthony Almada, sports supplementation expert, nutritional biochemist,
and as Phil says, "really smart guy."
This show was recorded on October 28th at Phil Kaplan's Personal Trainer Business Forum.

Radio Show, October 28, 2002
This is a taped broadcast but it is a new show.
Phil discusses his experience with some agitated "low-carb people."
He also provides some insight into the health of our nation.

Radio Show, October 19, 2002
Phil begins by explaining how the fradulent supplement sellers operate.
He also shares some clear red flags in deceptive ads.
Phone calls come in regarding fat loss, caffeine, weight training, and more.

Radio Show, October 12, 2002
Phil addresses "The Five Greatest Weight Loss Rip-Offs."

Radio Show, October 5, 2002
Phil explains the challenges in trusting "experts" in health food stores.
Phone calls included people looking for methods of getting supportive meals.
A dance teacher called to find out how to lose those "last 10 pounds."

Radio Show, September 28, 2002
Phil reviews a survey by the American Dietetic Association.
Most of the phone calls on this show were from people
seeking muscle increase.

Radio Show, September 21, 2002
Phil's intro addresses the FTC's recent action against fraudulent weight loss claims.
He also explains precisely how fat is burned to prove there isn't any need for a pill.
He then takes phone calls on topics ranging from diets to supplements.

Radio Show, September 14, 2002
Phil's intro addresses one of the slickest fat burning sales scams.
Phone calls include questions about nuts (the kind you eat), ephedrine,
protein days, and gastric bypass.

Radio Show, August 25, 2002

Phil with NFL player Lamar Thomas and 911 fitness founder Jim Sayih

Click Here or click on the photo to Listen to this August 25, 2002 broadcast
Live From Get Cyced Health Club in Weston, Florida

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