September 7, 2005

The Short List

This will be a very short article, but it's one that will allow me to respond to thousands of emails with a single link. At least 50 times every week people ask me what supplements I use. I'll make two statements before I answer the question:

1. No supplement is a solution

2. The supplement, regardless of what it is, doesn't "work" unless it's integrated into an overall synergistic program incorporating the right nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise, and a concern for muscle.

In order to answre the "what supplements" question, I went to the cabinet in the kitchen where my supplements live and made a list of everything that's in there. I'll skip the detail to provide a very simple list. You'll find additional detail on many of these supplement by exploring the Site Menu:

Vitamin C - I take 1,000 mg. in the AM and 1,000 mg mid-afternoon. I up the dosages when I feel a cold coming on.

B-complex - a nice balance of B-vitamins that ensures I'm prepared for optimal metabolic function despite the stresses of life in my shoes.

A Multi-Mineral Formula - Calcium, magnesium, and friends.

Alpha - Lipoic Acid - I've seen enough legitimate science to integrate this into my regimen as an anti-oxidant. It also may be a performance aid. Not a stimulant, but the science seems to indicate it facilitates greater glucose storage in muscle tissue.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - The science has convinced me there's virtue in supplementing with ALC to maintain brain function, to limit muscle tissue breakdown, and to optimize the hormonal cascade to naturally keep testosterone levels in the "healthy" ranges.

An EFA supplement - I usually supplement with Flaxseed oil liquid, but for convenience I sometimes use the capsules.

A protein powder and/or meal replacement powder - When I'm seeking fat loss I use my BURN! formula. Under usual training conditions I use my EAT! Pro! formula. When muscle growth is a concern I use my EAT! & GROW! You certainly don't have to use my products. You can find lots of options at The Vitamin Shoppe


A post-workout recovery drink - I use my RELOAD formula. Find more info on recovery by reading my article specific to that topic.

Creatine Monohydrate powder - I have a few articles posted on creatine. There have been many "new formulas" brought to the marketplace, but I find the most consistent results with creatine monohydrate powder. I incorporate it in my GROW! formula, but you can also buy any one of a number of brands.

Melatonin - I don't think of this as a sleep aid as much as a "readjust" aid when I switch time zones. It seems to help me sleep when I'm three hours "off."

Olive Leaf - When I travel and go from city to city doing radio, TV, and seminar appearances, I'm careful to take care of my immune system. I believe the flavonoids in standardized Olive Leaf extract act as immunosupport.

Echinacea - I always have a bottle with me when I travel, especially in winter. I'm often on 6 or 8 planes in a week, and I hear coughs, sneezes, wheezes, and yucky sounds (that's a clinical term) on every airplane. If I ever feel the onset of a cold, I pump up vitamin C and supplement with echinacea. There's no question in my mind that this strategy has prevented me from coming down with bothersome colds many times.

Saw Palmetto (for men over 35) - Prostate issues run rampant, and the research is clear. Saw Palmetto is effective in reducing prostate enlargement. I would encourage any man over 35 to supplement with saw palmetto as a preventative.

That's it. Short and complete.

I am a loyal customer of the The Vitamin Shoppe so if you'd like to invest in some of the products I use, consider their online store as a reliable resource with quality products at reasonable prices.


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