Moving Beyond the Store

In 2000 I decided to move my headquarters into a location with a retail presence.  It was called Phil Kaplan's Fitness Headquarters. We carried all of my programs, offered support from a full staff of Personal Fitness Professionals, and helped people make only wise and efficacious supplement choices.  It was a thrill to meet so many of you there. You never knew who you'd run into there.   Viggo Snowhill, the retired IFBB professional bodybuilder was a regular fixture (a massive fixture)!  Jim Sayih, the trainer of the Miami SWAT team and winner of "The Toughest Cop in the World" often stopped by to share his knowledge, and Personal Trainers from all over the country made this their "information home" for themselves and their clients whenever they were in South Florida.

As we grew, I decided to move our offices into a business environment as we are now reaching more customers from all over the world. The Headquarters location is no longer open, but we still carry all of the products and you can still get advice from the same caring staff. We now meet with people by appointment only, but for most of you, everything you're looking for can be accessed by phone or right here through the website.

As we continue to grow, we continue to expand our abilities to reach greater numbers of people, rescue more people than ever from fitness fraud, and help individuals from every imaginable walk of life find the results they seek. Although our growth dictated moving forward, I hold many fond memories of the original Headquarters location in Miami Lakes.

The new Headquarters offices are in Wellington, Florida
(West Palm Beach)

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