The TRANSFORM! Program!

A persuasive essay by Phil Kaplan

Note: This is written with a single purpose in mind. To persuade you to give my program a try. I want to make certain all visitors recognize that my website is primarily informational, and outside of the Online Superstore, which is purely for commerce, this essay is uncharacteristic of what you'll find at my site. If you don't want to feel as if you're being "sold," if articles that are written to put a product into your hands offend you, go to the Site Menu or the Update Menu and you can find hours worth of material without mention of any product or program. I wrote this essay for those who are unsure, indecisive, or uncomfortable about their bodies and are cautiously seeking the best path of improvement. I wrote this for those who continue to fall for programs and products that fail them and are apprehensive about trying yet another. TRANSFORM! is a solution, I back it up with an unconditional money back guarantee, and I want people to at the very least to know a single action can change their lives. If you're still with me . . . you've taken the first step. Let me tell you about the program.

In 1996 I released my TRANSFORM! Program and in the 6 years that followed, over 40,000 people transformed their bodies and their lives. Since then I simply say, "more than 40,000" as the numbers continue to escalate steadily.

If you've attended a seminar of mine within the last year, you've seen the opening video. It features testimonial comments and footage of 24 people who have completely reshaped their bodies . . . following the TRANSFORM! program. When people call in my radio show and preface a question with "I'm in Week #11," they're referring to my TRANSFORM! program. When someone brings a before and after photo to one of my appearances to show me, more often than not the change was the result of following TRANSFORM! When personal fitness trainers from around the world call to tell me how beneficial my program was in helping them deliver results to each and every one of their clients, they're talking about the TRANSFORM! program. When TV anchor people and radio morning show hosts mention the fat they've lost on my programs, they're referring to my TRANSFORM! program.

While I've released new books and programs since 1996, they all complement each other and I haven't yet seen any program in existence that comes close to TRANSFORM! in the volume of information, the presentation of that information, and the complete clarity it delivers.

I have a virtual arsenal of before and after photos, a handful included on this page. I have celebrity testimonials. I have quotes from ordinary people raving about how dramatically their lives were altered. My intention here is not to overwhelm you with testimonials, not to create a page that mimics the ads for the fat burners and other non-solutions, but rather to briefly, without clever marketing ploys or advertising twists, spell out a few of the attributes of TRANSFORM! in the hope that if you haven't yet found the fitness or weight loss result you've desired, you'll take the next step and give the program a try.

TRANSFORM! incorporates some complex principles, but they're explained and delivered in very simple terms. The human body has an innate ability to adapt to the conditions it's placed under and when we discuss a positive physical transformation, we're really referring to a beneficial adaptation.

When you throw a new stimulus at the body it begins to change to attempt to meet the demand or the workload. When you challenge your body with resistance the muscles become stronger. When you require your body to access more fuel it can tap into fat stores.

The challenge in many exercise programs lies in their neglect of a concern for continuous adaptation. When the body does adjust to a stimulus, the change ceases. You hit what is commonly referred to as "the plateau."

TRANSFORM! is a 17-week program which uses a concept I've coined "Cycle Training." It takes you through four distinctive phases. In each phase you make simple changes in the way you eat and the way you exercise and just before the body decides to stop changing, you shift into a new phase to keep progress ongoing and consistent.

The first four weeks of the 17 week program I've called, The Four Week Scramble. I developed this concept in the late 1980's working with competitive athletes and Muscle & Fitness magazine published it as a "plateau buster." That was a part of the evolution of TRANSFORM! I learned that I can take athletes, who are extremely conditioned and are having difficulty improving, and cut them way back on their exercise, have them commit to brief unconventional exercise sessions, and in four weeks of gradual progression, I can facilitate a shift that allows their bodies to improve. I've since adjusted the strategy and the Four Week Scramble, beginning with only 12 minutes of exercise a day, is an incredible kick-start to boost metabolism.

After the first Four Weeks, you shift into the Strength & Growth Phase. I know the terminology is intimidating to those who seek exclusively weight loss, but it's important to understand, the addition of muscle tissue . . . just a bit of muscle tissue . . . is enough to significantly increase caloric burn and prime the body for the Fat Liberation phase to come. The Strength & Growth phase lasts two weeks and you'll notice as your body starts to change, tasks become simpler, the workouts more enjoyable.

After the two Strength & Growth weeks (even if the goal is muscle growth, you'll limit the phase to two weeks to prevent overtraining) you enter the Muscle Shaping and Endurance Phase. Here's where you literally begin to sculpt your body.

In Week 13 you enter the Fat Liberation Phase. Resistance training sessions employ yet a new strategy and they're combined with nutritional shifts that allow you to consistently liberate and burn stored fat.

By Week 17, not only do you see and feel an astounding change, but you completely understand. You know how to keep the improvement continuous. Whether the goal is to look better in a bathing suit or to take the stage in a bodybuilding competition, TRANSFORM! empowers you to become the master of your body composition.

The 21st Century Edition

In 2005, after conducting a seminar tour and meeting tens of thousands of people seeking physical change, I learned that the marketplace changed significantly since 1996 and decided it was time for a program update. I also learned . . . VCRs and audiocassette players are, as one 19-year-old seminar attendee told me, "from the stone age," so the "new TRANSFORM!," subtitled, "The Fitness Masterpiece," now has moved into the 21st century with new information, slight improvements in the already-effective program, and DVDs and audio CDs.

What Does the Program Include?

The program includes the same manual I use with my personal clients who go through the program. It includes clear explanations, detailed exercise regimens, exercise illustrations, and physique-altering nutritional guidelines (click here for table of contents). The 17 weeks are laid out in a very very simple format requiring that for the exercise regimen you access only one page per week. There are also detailed explanations for individuals who want in-depth knowledge of the transformation process beyond simply following the routines. The program is designed to deliver information in bits and pieces over the entire 17 weeks, making the information understandable and allowing you to integrate new principles before moving on to yet a new idea.

You begin by watching a 3-hour seminar on DVD (two DVDs), which is equivalent to sitting in the front row at one of my Breakthroughs seminars. After you watch the DVDs, you "get it." You understand, at least conceptually, how this change is going to take place. Then you begin a series of audio CDs (14 in all). The manual tells you when to listen to each CD. It's as if each week I show up in your CD player to coach and to guide you, and to empower you with the information you'll need to pursue the next phase of the program.

I may, at times, tell you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear in order to ensure a positive physical change. You will need to exercise and at times the workouts are challenging. You will need to make changes in the way you eat. The good news is, all of the workouts can be done at home if you choose with nothing more than a pair of dumbbells. You will not starve yourself, in fact, you may eat more than you anticipate even now. Best of all, there's the once-a-week cheat day during which nutritional rules are out the window.

If you're apprehensive, I don't blame you.

I know you've read come-ons from all sorts of nutritional and exercise gurus. What makes me different? Well, I'm here. I'm reachable. I read my emails. Whether you come to my seminars or small groups, whether you call my office or call in live on my radio show (calls are not screened), or whether you stop by during any of my appearances, I spend my days interacting with people and I never hide from anyone. My career has developed with a single mission . . . to better the lives of others. I've had my share of battles with infomercial companies and marketers who attempted to alter my message in quest of the almighty dollar, and I've gone to great lengths to preserve the trait I am complimented for most often. Integrity.

If you're still apprehensive, that's quite all right.

Everything I do is backed by an unconditional money back guarantee.

OK, I've given you the straight scoop. If you're ready to give this thing a try, order now by calling Holly at 1 800 552-1998, or you can place your order online. Looking forward to hearing of your transformation!

If you live in South Florida . . .

Before I re-released the program, I decided to take 10 people through it myself. They'd meet with me in my Wellington (West Palm Beach) office weekly over a 17 week period. $1200 covered the entire 17 weeks. This was only open to 10 people and we sold it out quickly. Based on both demand and my schedule, I may opt to do a number of these groups over the next two years as I find the regular contact with individuals gainining control of their bodies highly gratifying. Now that I'm reignited by the repetitive thrill of personally witnessing the transformations, Small Group Workshops will be a recurring offering. My travel schedule does limit the number of groups I can personally conduct but I've recruited an exceptional team to assist me when I travel. To register a $200 deposit is required to hold a spot. If you're interested, drop me an email and include a daytime phone number. Someone from my office will call you to answer questions or to process your registration, or you can call the number below. - Phil

Note: The complete program is recommended for anyone seeking to follow the 17 weeks as the follow through and clarity are greatly facilitated by the volume of information provided on audio and DVD. If, however, affordabity is an issue, you can find the 368-page 1996 TRANSFORM! book available at my online Superstore as well. You might want to check out the Table of Contents of the book.

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