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The Best You've Ever Been

The Incredible New Book and Fitness Program
by Phil Kaplan

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While of course Phil's newest release includes the same fail-proof foundational technology of physical change Phil has used for the last 20 years to reshape tens of thousands of bodies, it takes things to yet a new level, the level of what Phil calls "Physical Excellence." The Best You've Ever Been is so powerful in its ability to deliver results it's become an invaluable resource for fitness professionals worldwide.

In the Best You've Ever Been you'll find the amazingly powerful Physical Excellence 8-week program, a program that was developed with athletes and tested with over 250 individuals before the book's release. The results have been astounding. Regardless of your age, sex, of physical condition, you'll find a version of the 8-week program that ideally suits your needs. It's included in a Simple Format that anyone can keep up with, a Novice format for exercisers who are frustrated with their lack of results, and an Advanced format for those who are already at a high level of fitness.

What will you learn in the Best You've Ever Been? Everything related to developing your body virtually any way you'd like to! Yes, that's a bold promise, but as readers will attest to, this book is an informational resource that provides complete clarity in understanding how to combine a "results guaranteed" exercise strategy with the simplicity of supportive eating. Here's a glimpse at just a few of the thousands of testimonial comments pulled from Phil's files:

"A Beam of Light to Guide Me . . . "

"Every time I look at my reflection in the mirror I whisper "thanks Phil." I know how you say you didn't do it, I did it, but without the amazing presentation in the Best You've Ever Been, without having a beam of light to guide me through the misinformation, I'd still be avoiding mirrors. It's amazing how someone I've never actually met had such a huge impact on my life. I am committed to meeting you one day, and when I do, the whisper will become a scream. THANKS PHIL!"

- Judy Kellog, Bowie, MD

"More Changes in 16 Weeks Than in 20 Years . . ."

"There's only one word I can think of. Thanks. For 20 years I've been working out and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. After going through your Physical Excellence Program twice (first the novice, then the advanced), I believe I've seen more changes in 16 weeks than in the entire 20 years. You speak a language I understand, and that seems to be rare among fitness professionals. Thank you for cutting through all of the bull and helping people like me understand the fitness truth!"

- Todd McPherson, Carlsbad, CA

"Amazing Changes . . . "

"Some amazing changes have taken place in my body after reading the Best You've Ever Been and following the 8-week program. I lost 5 inches on my waist . . . which I've been trying to do for about 8 years . . . and I honestly feel better than I ever have. I feel better than I did when I was in college and I'm excited, not only by the potential you've helped me unleash, but by the fact that my wife, after witnessing the change in me, is on the program! She's in Week #2 and already noticing changes! She hasn't exercised since 1991, which is why I think your book is needed by everyone. It provides the truth, but it also is extremely motivational. As I read the first few chapters, I understood, I really do have the power to change! Getting my wife to join me . . . that was more of a wish than a reality, but she's so motivated it's all she talks about. I look forward to both my wife and I being included in your success stories and I'm doing everything I can to help spread the word of the value of your book. So many of my friends are falling for the diet scams, and getting fatter! They need your book, and judging by the bodies I see walking around the malls, shops, airports, and supermarkets . . . so does everybody!"

- Evan (and Jane) Hollander, Las Vegas, NV

With the Best You've Ever Been you'll completely understand how to eat more food than ever and lose fat. The whole issue of "low carb" vs. "low fat" will become crystal clear. You'll understand how to minimize your exercise time and maximize the physical payoff. Of course you'll reshape your body in order to achieve that much envied leanness, but this book goes way beyond simply looking better. It takes you into a realm where your mind and body join forces and propel you to a level where you love not only the way your body looks, but the way it feels and functions. You'll find a new vitality, a new level of energy, and a new mindset that keeps your improvement ongoing. All of the exercises can be performed at home or in a health club and the eating program is designed for real people in the real world.

When the book was first released, Phil included an audio CD outlining some of the concepts that make this program unique. Listen now to the audio absolutely free, with no obligation, no commitment, and with an open mind.

Listen to Part I (tracks 1 - 5)

Listen to Part II (tracks 6 - 10)

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