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EAT stands for Exercise Advantage Technologies and the product was designed to provide a supportive blend of nutrients when a regular meal is not accessible or convenient. In 2003, the newest version of EAT!, EAT! Pro! was released. It has the same blend of high quality proteins, the same slow release carbs (13g per serving - to be burned as fuel allowing the 32 grams of protein to be used for tissue maintenance, repair and growth), and the same complete vitamin and mineral combination as its predecessor. It also contains added L-Glutamine for muscle preservation in the form of glutamine peptides (pure L-glutamine is destroyed by stomach acids . . . peptides ensure optimal cellular delivery). The newest version also has added L-Taurine which is the second most abundant amino acid in muscle, phosphtidylerine, which limits cortisol production (cortisol is a muscle-eating hormone), and L-tyrosine for enhanced alertness and performance. It is not only an alternative to a supportive meal, but for athletes, exercisers, and weight trainers . . . it's pretty close to the perfect blend of nutrients.

Here are some questions that people have asked Phil regarding this exceptional formula, followed, of course, by Phil's answers:

Q: What nutrients and ingredients are in your product EAT? Specifically, what proteins? What carbs? What else? I can't find it in my local health food store. What stores carry it?

The EAT! Metabolism Enhancer formula includes a mix of whey protein and egg protein. Based on all of the research I've looked at, this blend appears to be the most valuable for optimal usage in the human body. Whey protein isolate alone, which is advertised as some wonderful ingredient in many overhyped commercial formulas, has a quick gastric emptying property. It leaves the stomach so quickly many of the amino acids wind up getting metabolized. That means although you may consume 20 or 30 grams, you only have a small percentage of the protein available to build or repair cells. The rest is literally burned up by liver enzymes. The addition of egg protein, long revered as the most biologically complete protein, slows the release of the whey making the blend a very high quality protein source from a position of bioavailability for protein synthesis. It uses a very high grade of maltodextrin extracted from corn with a slow release property as its carb source. Maltodextrin should act as a slow release carbohydrate, since the glucose molecules are linked together in chains just as they would be in a supportive carbohydrate food source. The chains in the lesser grades (which are not identified as such on product labels) are dissolved or broken apart by enzymes in saliva, thus, although "maltodextrin" might resemble a slow release carb in a container, with the lesser grades you wind up putting single glucose molecules (simple sugars) into your stomach. EAT! uses the highest grade available. 13 grams of slow release carbs are included to provide fuel for thermic digestion. These carbs are protein sparing, preventing protein from being used to meet energy needs (as is often the case when carb intake is too low). EAT! also has a complete profile of vitamins and minerals including anti-oxidants to meet the recovery and health needs of those who undergo vigorous exercise. I've also added Glutamine Peptides to add a couple of grams of L-glutamine to a standard serving (L-Glutamine in its free form is destroyed by stomach acids - Glutamine Peptides allow you to actually deliver L-Glutamine to muscle as well as to the various systems where it's used in recovery). 

The new EAT! Pro! is sweetened with sucralose. There isn't any sugar. There is a small amount of essential fatty acids from borage seed oil mixed into the protein blend. There is also fiber from some fruit rinds and a non-soluble fiber called inulin (not insulin). The grades of protein and maltodextrin used make it far too pricey to manufacture for sale commercially. You'll never see it on the shelves of health food stores.

Q: Why don't you make single serving packets?

Single serving packets was an ingenious marketing move by one major supplement manufacturer which was followed by all the bandwagon jumpers who saw product sales escalate. They play up the "convenience" angle. For years I've been carrying my protein and meal replacement supplements in single serving packets, better known as "Zip-Lock Bags!" Is there really a need for single serving packets? Most packets today approximate between 200 and 300 calories per serving. Next time you have the chance, look closely at your next door neighbor. Does he or she appear to have the same body as you? Look at a pro football player on TV. Wouldn't you think his nutritional needs are different than your neighbors? This is a perfect example of how clever marketing can sway an entire population away from common sense. We all have unique caloric requirements, thus a "single serving packet" can not possibly meet the needs of everyone. I've done something unique with EAT! Every container includes a custom designed scoop. Each scoop approximates 100 calories. There is a chart on the container that allows you to approximate your caloric needs. If you want to carry your EAT! servings with you, I'd encourage you to splurge for some Zip Lock Bags and scoop in whatever your optimal serving is!

Q: What time of day is it best to use EAT?

Don't make the mistake of believing that EAT! will do anything for you other than offer you an optimal blend of nutrients when meals are not convenient or accessible. There is no best time of day. The goal is to get a supportive meal into your body every 3 - 3 1/2 hours. When it's challenging to get to a supportive meal, have an EAT! shake instead.

Q: Will you be coming out with other flavors?

Probably not. I never intended to be in the supplement business. The popularity of EAT! has developed based solely on my commitment to quality. Since the vanilla milk shake and chocolate milk shake flavors seem to meet the needs of all of my customers and clients, I don't feel any need to expand the product line. If you'd like, you can add some frozen strawberries or frozen bananas to the vanilla flavor to vary the taste, or if you don't want to consume any sugar, you can find NutraSweet makes sugar-free syrups that are sold in many supermarkets. They are sweetened with Acesulfame, a potassium compound. By the way, I personally use EAT!, not only because of the quality, but I really love the taste. In the past, I'd find a product, use it for a few weeks, and grow tired of the taste. I've been using EAT! for 3 1/2 years and still think it tastes better than anything else out there. This wasn't an accident. Once I refined the formula, taste was a challenge. Minerals have a metallic taste. Other ingredients further alter the taste. The first batch tasted awful. I had it reformulated again and again and finally it tasted fantastic. I tested it firstly with my staff, secondly with my clients, and thirdly in random taste tests among health club populations. The first release of EAT! was sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame. As EAT! grew in popularity, I still continued to refine the taste. The current formula is a 4th Generation and based, not only on my own opinion, but also upon the initial responses of customers, I can say there is no better tasting formula on the market.

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EAT! Pro! Nutritional Summaries

Net Wt. 910 g (2 lb.)
Serving Size 52 g Servings Per Container 17.5


Calories From Fat


Total Fat 2 g
Saturated Fat 0.5 g

20 mg

Sodium 150 mg
Potassium 120 mg
Total Carbohydrate 13 g
Sugars <1 g
Protein 32 g
Added L-Glutamine 2 g
Added Ingredients: Taurine (as L-Taurine), Tyrosine (as L-Tyrosine), Phosphatidylserine (from Lecithin)
Directions: 1 serving is 2 level scoops. It is recommended that you mix with 6-8 oz. of cold water. Each scoop is custom measured to approximate 100 calories. You can customize the calorie content by adding additional scoops and an additional 2-3 oz. of water for every 100 calories desired.
Primary Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Dried Egg Whites, Glutamine Peptides, Maltodextrin (complex carb, glucose polymer), Soy Lecithin, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Citrate, L-Glutamine (from glutamine peptides), Inulin (fiber), Sucralose, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Choline, Vitamin A Acetate, Bioflavanoid Complex, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Folic Acid, Biotin, Flavoring
Additional Info for Evaluation: When comparing EAT! with commercially sold products, be sure to compare nutrient values to serving size. Many products pump up their "Grams of Protein" by referencing a 400 calorie serving (or more)! Consumers also do not have a resource for evaluating grades of nutrients, for example, there are a variety of grades of maltodextrin which acts as a complex carbohydrate in EAT! The less expensive grades are more readily converted into glucose. EAT! uses a very high grade of maltodextrin as well as the highest quality proteins.


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