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by Phil Kaplan

Imagine if food no longer existed and you had to go into a laboratory and build food. You'd have to learn everything there is to know about all of the nutrients your body requires so you can create the right mix of proteins, carboydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. I find that so many people today are so confused and misled they are doing exactly that! Trying to build food!

It starts when people with a desire for health and fitness hear of a single nutrient being connected to some health benefit. They hear, for example, that Vitamin A has antioxidant properties, so they buy a bottle of capsules containing 10,000 i.u. of Vitamin A per dose. Then a friend mentions that Co-Enzyme Q10 helps with heart health and a new purchase is made. An article in a magazine shares the virtues of L-Glutamine in immune function. A doctor being interviewed on television sings the virtues of Ginko Biloba and L-Tyrosine for mental alertness, and with each new acquisition of information comes the purchase of a new bottle or container of capsules, pills, or powder. In essence, what these confused individuals are doing is attempting to literally build food! I came to realize the frustration people are experiencing with nutritional supplement selections has the ability to cripple both their bank accounts and, in some cases, their health! Precisely that which they're trying to take care of.

Here's the reality.

Nutrients are components of food. Learning to eat supportively must be the foundation of any sound nutritional program aimed at optimizing all of the systems of the human body. In today's society, it's difficult to get to supportive meals as frequently as most people would like and that's where the challenge comes in. After over a decade of dealing with the "does this work" questions, I decided to enter into a field I have a strong distaste for. The field of nutritional supplementation.

Understand, it's not the supplements themselves I take issue with, but rather the misleading promotion of these supplements. I evaluated the needs and desires of the thousands of people I come in contact with and found that while they all of course desire health, their "specialized" needs and desires can really be divided into four distinctive categories.

1. They want to lose fat

2. They have an interest in developing muscle size and/or strength

3. They want to boost metabolism

4. They want to enhance energy or performance

If you had mastery of all four of those ideals, couldn't you pretty much hone in on your perception of your personal best? Of course you can. I decided to limit my supplement offerings to only four products, but four "specialty" products, aimed not at providing a mix of the "hottest new best selling overhyped nutrients," but rather aimed at providing optimal support for those four goals.

The four new products have already received raves from athletes, nutritionists, and hundreds of people who have already started to employ my programs to take control of their bodies, their metabolisms, and their lives.

Use the links above or below to find out more about these four cutting edge nutritional resources, and keep in mind . . . you don't NEED any of them! They are simply aids, simply nutritional tools that can fill in the gaps when supportive meals are not convenient or accessible. If you decide you want to incorporate EAT!, GROW!, BURN!, or RELOAD! into your personal program of nutrition and exercise you can call 1 800 552-1998 or order through the Online Superstore.

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