Get Cyced & Fitness 21

If you listen to my radio show, you've heard me speak about how Get Cyced is a health club for the 21st Century! Why? Two reasons.

One, in a society where people are confused and misled in the realm of fitness and weight loss, Get Cyced is founded upon and committed to the same Fitness Truth that I share. Secondly, because people are achieving the results they're hoping for. Results at Get Cyced are more the rule than the exception, and that puts it in a class by itself. The key is the training team, recently named the "Fitness 21" team of Fitness Professionals. Several members of the team have been guests on my show including Bob Fixel (at right).

You might have heard Bob Fixel and his client Dan Kiriazis visit with me on air. Dan told his story and explained how he achieved a dramatic, and still ongoing, physical transformation. He attended a seminar of mine, took me up on an offer to visit Get Cyced, connected with Bob, and . . . well . . . the results speak for themselves!

What's the secret? Synergy! Bob taught Dan to refine the balance between the Right Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, and a Concern for Muscle.

As all the members of the Fitness 21 Team, Bob empowers people to gain control over their own bodies. Get Cyced offers 21 days for $21. Stop in, meet Bob, meet Dan, and get yourself connected with the facility that's developed a national reputation as an industry leader. Call Get Cyced at 954 915-0080.

A DAN UPDATE (April 15, 2004)

Dear Bob, This is just incredible! I have lost another 27lbs.! My weight today is 363lbs. I am 52lbs. lighter than when I began training in November 2003. Bob, you are a constant source of helpful and important information on the foods I should (and shouldn't) eat and a great motivator in the gym. By sharing your knowledge on how to change my eating habits and challenge my body to work (progressively) harder in the gym, my body chemistry improved (Cholesterol dropped from 209 to 165) and my physical endurance has increased dramatically. I'm feeling better every day and my friends and family have complimented me on my appearance - that feels great! Thank you for helping me reach another milestone in my quest to lose weight and become a healthier person. I look forward to continuing our sessions and progressing to achieve new milestones. Thanks again Bob! You're the Best!

Sincerely, Dan Kiriazis

Hear Bob and Dan on the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour, February 14, 2004

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