Fitness Expert, Phil Kaplan, discusses the realities of Metabolism and how to facilitate metabolic increases without dieting.


"The only reason, in my experience, people fail to get the fitness or weight loss result they want is because they're being misled."    - Phil Kaplan 

If you want to change your body, and a part of that change involves liberating and burning bodyfat, it's essential that you understand the concept of metabolism.  Begin by reading the article below:

Phil Kaplan on Metabolism

Metabolism . . . calories . . . energy . . . they all really amount to one thing. HEAT!

Metabolism is simply your internal fire with calories providing the fuel for the flame . . . and a calorie is actually a measure of heat! There are many products on the market that claim to be great metabolic boosters. In most cases these are simply stimulants that cause a heart rate elevation and a slight temporary increase in heat. To truly understand and take control of your metabolism, read the following:

While everyone knows somebody who can eat anything and not get fat, and everyone believes "those people" were granted some genetic gift, the fact is, we are not victims of our metabolisms but the creators!

Metabolism, by definition, simply means, the speed with which your body burns through food. One of the essential keys to speeding metabolism is putting the right foods in to your digestive tract frequently!

There are three major "players" in the SYNERGY of the "metabolism game:"
First is the amount of muscle you maintain. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, thus, the more muscle you have on your body, the greater your caloric burn at any given moment. That's why resistance training is so important if you want long term weight reduction.

Second, your production of thyroid hormones, T3, and T4, both which can be affected negatively by repeated periods of calorie deprivation (dieting). To support adequate and optimal thyroid hormone production, "feed" the body frequently the proper balance of protein, carbs, and essential fats.

Third, the types and amounts of food you "ask" your body to ingest, digest, and assimilate along with the frequency of feedings. Ingesting a lean protein, starchy carbohydrate, and fibrous carbohydrate every 3 - 3 1/2 hours offers a very supportive nutrition program to stimulate metabolic processes.

When you perform any movement, action, or even when you initiate a thought, that asks nerve transmission to take place followed by muscle contraction and whether you are walking to the refrigerator or digesting a rare tuna steak, that energy expenditure is going to require a caloric expenditure. With that awareness you'll understand that the act of eating and digesting food is "thermic" or heat producing. While fats are relatively simple for your body to deal with and require a relatively small energy expenditure, the digestion and assimilation of lean proteins and complex carbs requires a good amount of work. By replacing high fat foods with the more thermic proteins and carbs, the act of eating in itself becomes a metabolic stimulus. It's important to understand that each gram of fat yields more than twice as many calories as an equal sized serving of protein and/or carb. In order to match caloric intake and stimulate greater caloric burn, you will find with a shifting in food choices from fatty foods to more supportive meals, you eat far more food, often more than twice as much, as your metabolism speeds up! Best of all, as your metabolism begins to fire up, it gives you even more license to "cheat" and not suffer for it. With the proper combination of aerobic exercise, resistance training, and supportive nutrition, you can soon become one of those "I Can Eat Anything and Not Get Fat" people!

My TRANSFORM! program begins with the Four Week Scramble during which you learn to "kick start" even the most sluggish metabolism. Check out Actual Results from people who have mastered their metabolisms. Of course you can click "Ask Phil a Question" below and ask any metabolism related question you'd like. I know it's an area of great confusion, yet I help people take total control of their metabolisms every single day! 

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