Is This Another Quick Fix?

On February 4, 2006, Marvin B. from Coconut Creek Florida sent the following email question, "Phil, I believe what you say is true, but now that you're offering this 21 Day Journey, I have to wonder, will the results last?"

I was going to post a response explaining how "The 21 Day Journey," as all of my programs, is an empowering experience that leaves you with the ability to control the way your body looks and feels for the rest of your life, but instead I'll post this recent note I received from client John Cline.

John Cline - Success Story

I first heard Phil on a radio show in New York City, and what he said made so much sense it stunned me. I immediately ordered his program and I'll admit at first I was apprehensive. He wanted me to eat more . . . and I was a chef!!! Eating. A lot.

Still, when I read and listened it again made so much sense to me that I went ahead and committed to try his methods of exercise and living.

The results were dramatic, and not only dramatic, but lasting.

I have attained a great level of living and fitness, I have won physique and athletic awards, something I never thought I could do, and my life has turned upside down (for the better).

Looking back, I had tried so many things before I came in contact with Phil Kaplan and his approach to fitness, and realize that I was like a dog chasing his own tail! I could always be found taking new supplements, trying new diets and wondering where all my hard work and sacrifice was going to. Phil's approach to integrating supportive eating and exercise into your life is real. If there's a message I'd like to put out there for anyone seeking what seems like an unattainable fitness goal, the solution is in front of you, and once you get started it's amazingly simple.

Don't paralyze yourself thinking about it. Grab Phil's materials and run with it! The results are real!

John Edward Cline

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