It's the 21st Century and . . . America "Needs" a different type of fitness professional.

Someone to empower others. Someone to lead the way through the minefields of fraud and deception.

Someone who can educate and inspire others to move effortlessly along the path to physical greatness.

Someone who really has the "secret" to long-lasting emotionally-gratifying results!

In the 20th century we could have blamed inactivity, laziness, and even a lack of willpower when any individual failed to achieve a fitness or weight loss result. Fitness Expert and Consumer Advocate Phil Kaplan has helped us identify the primary reason for America's declining physical condition. Our population is misinformed, and as a result, repeated "attempts" employing flawed approaches lead to metabolic slowdown, reduced motivation, and worst of all, a sense of self-defeat.

While diet offerings, infomercial pitches, and emerging "gurus" make money at the expense of our population, Phil Kaplan, his Fitness 21 Elite Training Team, and a small army of disciples are greatly impacting people's lives, helping individuals from every walk of life learn to gain complete control over the way their bodies look and feel.

If you haven't been exposed to Phil's programs, and you're not presently living in a body you absolutely love, now's the time to commit, now's the time to pursue physical excellence, now is the time to love the way your body looks and feels, and with Phil's newly expanded list of offerings, there's absolutely a solution for you.

1. The New 21-Day Journey to Excellence - A Life-Altering, Body-Reshaping, Fail-Proof Empowerment System Workshop.

At first this took place "live" in Phil's West Palm Beach offices. It includes three group sessions with Phil over a 21-day period. You'll find this 3-week journey to be a true breakthrough, a transition into a life where your body serves you, a place where the exercise habit is automatic, and best of all, a place where you're in complete control. The program was $399 including the three (3) Small Group Sessions with Phil, three (3) one-on-one sessions with a member of Phil's training staff, and a preliminary assessment of goals, obstacles, exercise history, and the path to results, but now it's available "remote" with an astounding amount of information, animations, presentations, and exercise demos distributed over the internet. The program has application for the deconditioned as well as for the highest level athlete and now the entire program is $200, wherever you are! The exercises can ALL be performed at home if you choose, and the power you'll amass over 21 days will astound you. Call 561 204-2014 or send an email to for registration details.

Call 561 204-2014 or 1 800 552-1998 RIGHT NOW!

2. The Empowerment Weekend.

For those people who do not live in South Florida, and cannot meet with Phil personally on a recurring basis, Phil's put together a 3-day intensive. He'll share all of the information he shares over the course of his 21-day program, will teach you to effortlessly make supportive meal choices, will give you complete clarity as to what it really takes to achieve the results you want, and will help you shut down any negative thought patterns and summon up instant motivation. There are only 8 people in an Empowerment Group. The complete registration fee is $1400 and the "program" includes 12 hours (over three days) of empowerment, excitement, and fun. Tie it in with a Florida vacation. Call 1 800 552-1998 to inquire as to dates and availability.

3. The Complete TRANSFORM! program!

You don't meet with Phil personally, but it's the next best thing. Phil shows up in your DVD player for his 3-hour Breakthroughs seminar recorded in 2005 (2 DVD's). Using the same manual as Phil's "live TRANSFORM!" clients use, you'll then progress through a 17-Week Program teaching you to boost metabolism, add muscle, shape muscle, and burn fat. You get 14 hours of audio CD where Phil coaches you through each phase of the program. He released the newest version in 2005 and promises there is no more complete and effective body reshaping program in existence. Upon the program's release Phil coached live groups through the program meeting with them weekly in his Wellington office. His travel schedule prevents him from conducting continued extended programs, but the "Complete" TRANSFORM! will prove every bit as effective as the workshops for less than 1/5th of the price. The complete program is only $249 and is guaranteed to be the best fitness investment you ever make, the last one you ever need!

4. The Corporate Wake-Up Call. The 21 Day Program can be introduced in a Corporate Setting to reduce health care costs, minimize absenteeism, and increase productivity. The return on this can mean significant savings and a boost in profitability for any corporation with a commitment to excellence. If your corporation resides or meets in South Florida, you can do a 21-day on-site group of between 8 and 12 employees for $4500 with Phil personally conducting the group sessions.

Outside of Florida call 561 204-2014 for rates.

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The Unconditional Guarantee: If for any reason in the world you don't feel that a Phil Kaplan program delivered more value than you expect, if for any reason in the world you are less than thrilled, simply request a refund.

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