The Brand New 21-Day Journey to Excellence!!!!!

"Live" workshops over the course of 21 days in South Florida!!!!

The New 21-Day Program

"Get Fit, Get Lean, Get Healthy . . . I can get you on the road to excellence, without risk of failure, in only 21 days! I guarantee it!"

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After honing, testing, refining, and testing some more, my 21-Day Program is in a class by itself! It breaks all of the rules of convention, but let's face it, convention isn't working! America's fatter than ever. It wasn't all that difficult to create a program that could empower people within 3 weeks, but the challenge was, I wanted to demonstrate not only the "how to," but the evidence. I wanted people to see, feel, and identify true measurable change in only 3 weeks. They (whoever they are) say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Although I haven't been able to find any substantive research showing that to be true, I have seen attitudes, lifestyles, outlooks, and bodies change in a 3-week period, and from this point forward I'll not only prove it repeatedly, I'll guarantee it!

The program delivers the same hard-hitting real-world unconventional yet highly effective strategies I've been sharing for 20 years, but it has a new twist. I've learned to direct people based not on "body type," not on "blood type," and not on other odd assortments of features "gurus" have claimed to be the keys to success. After working with thousands of people from all walks of life and all fitness levels I uncovered some universal truths. When someone believes change is possible, when they are accepting of the prescribed solution, and when they have a clear conceptualization of desired outcome they follow through. As long as the prescribed solution is sound, it's that follow-through that leads to "results." In order, therefore, to impact small groups of people, I had to understand their present level of buy-in, their present willingness to take the prescribed next step, and their present level of crystallization of the desired outcome. I've learned to divide people into three categories, and the exercise prescription is determined by the category.

The "Thoroughbred" is someone who is already fit but desires improvement. This is an individual who wants to be challenged, who wants to "feel" the workouts, and who wants a clear measure of improvement, be it the mirror or the athletic field.

The "Phoenix," based on the Greek mythological bird who upon nearing the end of its life returns to its nest and is reborn a young, vibrant, vision of strength and beauty, is someone who has an actual memory of the desired goal. They've been there before. This is someone who describes the goal by describing what they used to look like, what they used to feel like, or how they were treated or perceived when they were "in shape." This is someone who's willing to follow-through, assuming each step leads to some evidence that "it's working," but this is also someone who has to figure out how to integrate the strategy into a life rife with obstacles and challenges.

The "Chrysalis" is the name I give to the individual who wants change, but has never actually been there. This is someone who might have tried an exercise regimen, but never witnessed the journey leading to the desired outcome. They may have a vision, an idea, or a description of the shape they want to be in, but their past experience have led to self-doubt, a lingering supposition that perhaps they're stuck for genetic or innate reasons,

Once I understand which category most closely resembles your situation, I know precisely how to guide you through a 3-week process of empowerment. Is this bizarre? Let's call it unconventional, and let's remember, convention isn't working. Is this odd? Let's call it different and let's recognize that in a society where failure is more the rule than the exception, a "different" approach is a necessity. Is this effective? Amazingly effective!!! In 2005 my years of study have led me to two unparalleled programs in terms of effectiveness. For those people who can meet with me personally, the 21-Day Journey is groundbreaking, and for those who cannot, the new TRANSFORM! program, a program which comes to you via CD, DVD, and printed materials, is aptly subtitled "The Fitness Masterpiece." If you live in South Florida and can attend the groups, then by all means, register for the next 21 day group. If that isn't a possibility, and you want to master your own body, then go ahead and order TRANSFORM!

The Goal

The goal is to make this exercise and eat right thing a habit . . . for life.  The results can be surprising over 3 weeks, but more importantly, the 3 weeks offers an invalualbe education and an all-empowering mindset shift. Prepare for the most rewarding 21 days of your entire life. The combination of instruction and awareness leads to adaptation, a change that goes way beyond the physical and rolls over into every aspect of your life. You'll walk away with a mindset zeroed in on continued progress toward “physical excellence.”

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking for a physical change should attend! 

You can lose fat, build muscle, improve performance, increase strength, gain conrol over your metabolism, learn to develop supportive eating habits, make exercise an enjoyable habit, and become the script writer and designer for your physical destiny.

It’s interesting bringing different people with varied goals together. In the first group session people are a bit apprehensive.  They look around the room and they may see a visually fit bodybuilder, an overweight fifty-year-old, and a senior entering his or her seventh decade.  The question 'is this for me?" reverberates in everyone's head. I expect that, and the apprehension is quickly dismissed. Only 15 minutes into the first session, everyone comes to understand, the concepts I share work for everyone.  I teach people to boost metabolism, to build muscle, to shape muscle, to improve balance and coordination, and to burn fat.  I teach people to adjust the way they eat, think, and move. From that point on, everyone becomes a sculptor  . . . their bodies become the clay.  If the goal is muscle growth, you’ll understand how to get there.  If the goal is to find greater ease in lifting your child, greater comfort in the daily tasks your body is challenged by, or improvement of your golf game, you'll completely understand how to facilitate ongoing and consistent progress. If the goal is to trim the waist or get rid of cellulite, you can rest assured you'll face your reflection in a few short weeks and notice a smile extending from ear to ear.\

Click Here for Immediate Details on How You Can Get Started on the Program, Regardless of Where You Live!!!!!

How Much?

Normally a private consultation with me is $250 and there’s typically a 3-month wait for an appointment.  The Small Group workshops include three group sessions with me. You'll also recieve the 21-Day Physical Excellence Program Guide which all participants take with them and can use for a lifetime.  There is also a pre and post-program assessment and for a limited time I'm including three one-on-one sessions with one of my trainers, one-per-week over the 21 days.  The entire program is only $399. Best of all, it's a life-changing investment that will last you for years to come!

On the topic of "investment," I don't want this program to be in any way prohibitive for anyone who lives in South Florida. If you are able to commit the time, if you know you want to see or feel a distinctive result, and if the registration fee is not presently affordable, call my office. We can arrange for you to attend the group sessions and get the manual for only $59. Please don't choose this option unless the program will pose a financial hardship, but if the commitment's there and the money is not, I want to help.

Will the Program be Available via book or audio/video offering?

I hadn't any plans to release the 21-Day Journey. There were three primary reasons. First, TRANSFORM! meets the needs of anyone seeking physical change and it's proven to be consistently powerful without the need for my personal interaction. Secondly, I was concerned that the ability to bring about results over a duration as brief as 21-days required interaction. Thirdly, whenever I release a program, imitators come out of the woodwork and usually replicate things poorly, imitating the appeal but ignoring the strategy. After witnessing the power of the program, after seeing bodies change, after hearing the heart warming stories from those who found new enjoyment living their lives, I decided I'll work toward releasing it in a book or program format. At this point in time it's ONLY available to those who are able to meet with me in groups. If you do not live in Florida, I will be running 3-day long Empowerment Workshop Intensives ($1400 per person) in South Florida several times each year. Call Holly if you have interest in a Florida vacation with a life-changing twist. Next step? Let me know you're interest and prepare for a ride filled with thrills, power, and new experiences.

Click Here for Immediate Details on How You Can Get Started on the Program, Regardless of Where You Live!!!!!

21-Day Groups are limited to 12 people and they do sell out.
Groups may also be offered in Coral Springs, Weston, and Coral Gables 
Call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 to find out about dates and availability
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