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You Want to Gain Control Over Your Body?

If You Live in South Florida . . . You Have Three Options!

1. You Can't Fail - the 90-minute workshop

Phil's programs have only been committed to books, tapes, and audio and video programs after he's tirelessly proven them with his clients. In 2004, after months of formulating the strategy, Phil released an exciting new workshop that alleviates the fear and apprehensions many have related to fitness and weight loss. This first-of-its-kind workshop is designed so that a single 90-minute session will achieve all of the following:

  • Restore your belief that physical change is possible
  • Lay out a clear plan that anyone can follow for guaranteed results
  • Empower you with an exercise program that can last you a lifetime for continued improvement
  • Give you complete control over your metabolism without having to make radical changes in your lifestyle all at once

In all likelihood, this will become a program in book, video, and CD format, but if you live in South Florida you can take advantage of a rare opportunity to interact with Phil personally, and the entire 90 minute workshop is only $89! Click Here for Details

Note: South Florida "You Can't Fail" workshops are conducted in Phil's Wellington offices as well as special offerings at other South Florida locations. This program is available internationally for groups and corporations. Call 561 204-2014 for scheduling and fees.

2. The Breakthroughs Seminar

This is Phil's most empowering seminar ever. The 3 1/2 hour event (and it is an "event") wows audiences as it entertains while it empowers. You'll find the session not only takes you to a new motivational high, but it clears up every myth, alleviates every apprehension, and gives you complete clarity as to how to take control of your life. Select events are scheduled in select cities with an annual "Breakthroughs" in South Florida every year. Phil maintains a guarantee that each year his annual Breakthroughs seminar will be "his best, most thrilling, most powerful seminar ever!" Typically a Breakthroughs event sells out with 1,000 people from every walk of life in attendance. Tickets are usually $89, but early registration discounts offer significant savings.

Note: To find out when the next Breakthroughs event is going to take place, call Holly at 1 800 552-1998

3. Exceeding Excellence

This is not for the meek or the weak. Exceeding Excellence is a cutting edge exercise and nutritional program that combines the works of Phil Kaplan and functional training guru Juan Carlos Santana. Together these two fitness icons have created a program that taps the limits of your potential. It's being offered in limited groups out of the Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton, Florida. The infomercial companies have already lined up to get the "contract" on the Exceeding Excellence program, but Phil and Juan Carlos have committed to maintain the integrity of the program and if it ever finds its way into the mainstream, it will do so by the slow process of proving its unprecedented power, 10 participants at a time! If you're up for the challenge of your life, call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 to inquire about the next availability. Right now the program is only $699 complete, but after several preliminary groups complete the entire program, prices will likely near $1200 for the 12 weeks, still a bargain when considering the education and the results!

Note: To find out when the next Exceeding Excellence event is going to take place, call Holly lr Lynzi at 1 800 552-1998

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