Woman and Weights?

Before I get started, let me just check my calendar. Hold on.

Yup, sure enough, it is actually the 21st century. Why is that so hard to believe? Because I can't get through even a single day without a woman asking me a question I've heard no less than 18,000 times before. No, not that question, the question of "if I lift weights will I get big?"

It's such an old and tiresome theme, one that I would have thought would have been put to rest long ago, but alas, minsinformation and rumors abound. Here's the reality. Women, by nature, have a predominance of estrogen and their endogenous testosterone has its limitations which means, man sized muscle is not going to result from weight training. Hormonally, the internal environment in a female body just isn't going to cause biceps to swell to 22 inches.

I know where the fear and the rumors come from. There are some women who do carry an abundance of muscle. Some of these women naturally have higher levels of testosterone and they might appear more muscular even if they never lifted weights at all. Others are athletes putting their bodies under excessive workloads and committing to nutrition that can be counter the limitations of their hormonal make-up. Third, there are those women who are chemically enhanced. In plain English that means, they use steroids which alter the hormonal balance to amplify any of those features that might be considered "male."

I wrote an article about a woman who used excessive dosages of steroids and spelled out not only the side effects, but the emotional turmoil the drugs created. Unfortunately, I believe they also had another effect. They convinced women who might have witnessed this massive woman in the supermarket, in the street, or in a shopping mall that "weights make women big." Weights + testosterone (steroids) + excessive caloric intake + intense training can make women big, but if you're not chemically enhanced . . . don't worry about it!

You want to be toned? Getting toned simply means you're holding on to muscle (or possibly adidng some) and losing fat. Weights are a vital part of that process.

When I share the 8 Basic Exercises, I'm referring to movements that aid both men and women in their quests for fitness. When I release a program, that program is effective both for men and for women. When I share a fat burning strategy, that strategy has freedom to cross over the gender barrier without restriction. There are some differences beyond the obvious. Women are usually slower to lose lower body fat than men. Women often have either a genetic or a developed preference for endurance exercise while men gravitate toward the strength & growth type training. Despite the differences, if fitness, tone, and function are the goals, the same synergy that applies to men seeking physical change applies to women!

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