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Quick Weight Loss?

by Phil Kaplan

Suppose you're on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, and two hours into it you decide you're not getting there as quickly as you'd like. What do you do? Bail out? Not likely. You tell yourself to be patient, perhaps you squirm in your seat a little bit, but when it's all said and done you accept the reality that it's going to take five hours, even if you'd like it to be a much shorter trip. Sure, you can fantasize and wish the day would come that they'd invent the transporter from Star Trek that will get you there in seconds, but until that fantasy becomes real, there are limitations to how quickly you can reach your destination. What happens if after two hours you choose to bail? Hmmm. In all likelihood you go SPLLAAAAATTTT somewhere around Houston Texas.

I guess the reason you aren't likely to jump out of a California bound 727 at 42,000 feet is because you know better. Nobody's telling you that it's the secret to arriving sooner. You fully understand the reality.

When it comes to weight loss, wow are things out of whack! Infomercials blatantly promise it's quick. In fact, the newest solutions promise you'll lose 10 pounds in 2 days! Whatever your passion, pills, devices, wraps, juices, or any combination thereof, you can find them being sold with the promise of "quick" weight loss.

Here's the elusive reality. Quick weight loss is absolutely, positively, 100% guaranteed to result in residual weight gain! Quick weight loss amounts to water loss. Don't eat for a couple of days, chug water, walk 12 miles, swallow some caffeine pills, and sit in the sauna for 30 minutes at a time. I guarantee you'll lose weight. Is that effective or healthful if the goal is long term fat reduction? Of course not. Even if it were effective (which it isn't), is that a regimen you can stick to? Not in a million years.

My greatest challenge in helping people to grasp the truth is that new offerings with absurd promises continue to vie for their attention . . . and with powerful marketing, the bogus offers often win. In the short term that is. The most absurd part of the whole "I can't lose weight" process is the belief that after embarking upon a restrictive diet, a bout with stimulants disguised as "supplements," or an excessive aerobic exercise routine is the tendency of weight loss wanters to blame themselves! "It's my fault, I didn't stick to it." With that thought as the foundation of their belief systems, you can be certain they're going to go out in search of yet another promise that falls flat.

The longer an individual attempts to remain on a restrictive program, the more likely it is that muscle will be sacrificed and thyroid hormone production will be altered. Translated that means metabolism slows. The weight loss sellers love that! It means you'll be back for more!!! In fact, the entire weight loss industry thrives simply because it fails! People fail to get what they pay for . . . and they come back for more of the same.

When finally, in the midst of all of the promises, someone actually stumbles upon a truly valuable program, a systematic approach to fat loss, their prior programming . . . the pattern of quick weight loss and self-blame for residual gain . . . creates a tendency to want to bail out!

Unlike the airplane scenario, nobody really explained, at a level that it was absorbed and integrated into "belief," that there isn't any "quick" path. In order to get the body to release fat, you have to understand some realities.

  1. The human body is not really capable of shedding more than 2 pounds of fat in a week, especially on an ongoing basis, and even that . . . 2 pounds per week . . . would be an extreme!

  2. The human body is capable of losing far more than 2 pounds in a week, but that would indicate loss of either muscle or water.

  3. Muscle loss is guaranteed to decrease caloric burn and slow metabolism.

  4. Water loss is temporary.

Since so many have actually lost 8, 10, or even 12 pounds in a week or two, when they get on a program that doesn't immediately team up with the scale to create the illusion that "it's working," they feel frustrated, defeated, and ready to bail out. Nobody helped them to understand that the journey has to take time.

It gets even more frustrating. If you take someone who is used to starving, to cutting back on food, and they begin to consume meals complete in proteins and supportive carbohydrates, they begin to hold more "glycogen" in muscle tissue. That's a good thing! Glycogen is stored fuel. If they've also started an exercise program, their glycogen storing propensity is even greater. Glycogen attracts water! After two weeks on an efficacious and valuable fat loss program, it is possible that "scale weight" might have crept up a few pounds! Since so many have been programmed to gauge their progress by the scale's momentary report, the all too familiar "failure" sensations kick in all over again.

Listen. You know me by now. I'm not going to tell you it's quick or it's easy. What I am going to tell you is the truth! When you get the balance between the right nutrition and the right exercise correct . . . you begin a process of ongoing improvement that can take you literally as far as you'd like to go. The demons are those little voices in your head that want you to fail. The voices that tell you if you're not seeing weight loss you are a complete and total failure.

The best investment you can make to quell the demons . . . a sledgehammer. Bring it home, and smash your scale into a million pieces. The scale can not tell you anything other than how many pounds you weigh under gravity at any given moment. It can not distinguish between water, bone, muscle, internal organs, teeth or hair. It simply gives you a meaningless total.

The best weapon to send those "failure demons" packing is common sense. Many let go of their common sense to welcome the belief that there's some sort of magic just waiting to "melt fat" away. It's a dangerous belief. It's the one that sends you bailing out when you've only started the journey.

My programs work because they teach you to coach the body through a process, a process that allows you to speed metabolism, develop functional strength and energy, and ultimately shed fat in a manner that keeps you in control. Do this correctly, and although there is a definite time investment on your part, the payoff cannot be matched.

I honestly wish I had a shortcut. I wish I had magic. What I do have is a commitment to honesty, a passion for helping people, and a mastery of the true technology of positive physical change. If you look at your history, and it reveals that you might have bailed out too soon, only because you weren't seeing "pounds melt away," maybe you'll come to grips with the reality. If you want to arrive at your destination, and that destination has anything to do with a lean, toned body, you're going to have to play by the rules of nature. If someone does circumvent nature, and invent a legitimate pill, product, or device that melts fat or drops pounds permanently and healthfully, believe me I'll shout at the top of my lungs to spread the word. Until then I have only the truth. It may not be as glamorous as hyped up promises . . . but it's served me and 35,000+ people who have found results with my programs. It can serve you as well.

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