Examining GH Products

Growth Hormone.  It's been called the drug of the future.  It's been touted as the secret of celebrities maintaining their youth, of bodybuilders reaching new pinnacles of physique excellent, and of seniors finding their sexual fountain of youth.  Does Growth Hormone play a role in those factors we associate with vitality and youth?  Yes!  Absolutely!

Over the past decade, there has been a great amount of medical interest in the potential of GH to resist aging and protect from disease.  The fact is, we create our own Growth Hormone.  When we are in our teens and twenties, we are cranking out massive amounts of GH, and as we age, our endogenous production seems to decline.  The research that has proven most promising used injectable Growth Hormone in individuals who had already experienced some decline.  When GH levels were restored to where they had been previously, there does seem to be some fat reduction, increase in bone density, and an enhanced sense of well being.  Keep in mind, however, that this was illustrated using the injectable Growth Hormone available in the US only by prescription.

Most of the supplements that claim to be GH precursors or stimulators make their claims based upon purely anecdotal evidence or by quoting research that used the actual injectable drug.  I can make your evaluation of the next GH related product to come along simple.  I have never seen any concrete evidence or even credible research that indicated that oral GH stimulators have any effect at all!  Most are sold with hype and use variations on the truth.  You won't get any variations here.  This is truth, pure and simple.  Until someone can prove the contrary, the oral, nasal, or spray Growth Hormone products will do absolutely nothing but take your money.

As far as the injectable versions, I'd urge you to avoid them unless you have been medically diagnosed with significant declines in GH production and it is affecting your well being, sex drive, or energy levels.  I've found that the bodybuilders who attribute gains to GH always use it in conjunction with large doses of anabolic steroids.  It's important to note than when you mess around with your hormonal production, your run the risk of affecting the future function of the pituitary gland.  Your body is quite capable of producing supportive GH levels.  You have to support that process of course by exercising, eating supportively, and getting sufficient rest.  With that simple formula, you'll probably be less tempted to fall for the next GH miracle to come along.

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