What do you think of the diets aimed at controlling candida and are they good for weight loss? Are there supplements that can help? Why are candida controllling diets only offered through Alternative Medicine?

My opinion of these "diets" is, if they help people maintain an ideal pH, they have their place. They do keep people away from refined carbs and processed sugars which is always a positive. The reason you only see it in alternative medicine, chiropractic, or yoga journals is because these diets are sought out by people looking to cure a "condition." If you have candida, the condition can limit fat release, and switching to an alkaline raw foods type of eating regimen can release fat, not because it's a fat burning diet, but because it's helping to optimize metabolic functions that might have been compromised by the growth of yeast. I would not endorse this type of eating regimen as a solution for the masses for two primary reasons. Firstly, I've learned that while many people seek out "the diet that works," few people take the time to really understand the nutritional requirements necessary in order to maintain health and metabolism. Most people have a basal metabolic rate that requires somewhere between 1350 and 1700 calories per day to maintain. Add in exercise and activity and caloric requirement goes up. Because the organic foods, with the exception of nuts, are low in calories, a switch from the typical American Diet to your chosen eating regimen will result for most people in calorie deprivation. If you're maintaining muscle mass, that's a sign you're getting at least adequate calories. The second reason I wouldn't recommend this as a weight loss solution for the masses . . . most people I meet who are following "raw food" diets, including juice fasts, are severely lacking in protein intake. Although they do get some protein from vegetable based sources, compounded by nuts and nut butters, the amino acid ratios in most vegetable foods drops the value of the protein to the presence of the lowest amino acid present. I'd rather teach people to make natural food choices, but to integrate proteins, starches, fibers, and essential fats. Of course, when there is a digestive or metabolic condition present, this might not be ideal. Here is a response I provided for someone else who asked about candida. I hope you find this useful: < What is commonly called candida is usually a condition named systemic candidiasis which means rather than yeast being limited to localized infection, it begins to grow all over the body as well as in the bloodstream. This seems to be more identified by alternative medicine practitioners and health food store operators as the medical community does not readily recognize systemic candidiasis except as a symptom of some other illness such as a severe immune deficiency.

The actual organism that is responsible for the condition is Candida Albicans, a fungal yeast which is usually held to manageable levels by the body's natural defense systems. Stress, drugs, etc. seem to be associated with the proliferation of this fungus.The most time honored treatment seems to be a complete elimination of sugars and white flour. There are also medications that can treat this condition, but alternative medicine folks promise they can get better results by modifying diet and perhaps adding some supplements such as essential fatty acid compounds such as flaxseed oil and borage seed oil.

The most oft-recommended supplements I've seen recommended to treat candida are acidophilus and caprylic acid. There is a blood test a physician or laboratory can perform to identify overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract and ultimately the bloodstream.The symptoms associated with candida are usually excessive fatigue, digestive discomfort, and headaches compounded by frequent localized infections. More recently, many health practitioners have linked candida to a resistance to shed bodyfat.Interestingly, the type of nutrition I recommend asks people to minimize simple sugars and white flour. Often people think because they may have a "condition" they need something special. As I mentioned earlier, in a state of health the body is very capable of managing candida.

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