Blood Sugar and The Program

Fitness Expert Phil Kaplan answers an important question about blood sugar, diabetes, and an exercise program.

Question: I have diabetes and am 50 pounds overweight.  I've tried every diet in the world.  You're the first one who has ever made sense to me.  I was wondering if your Answer Program deals with diabetes.  I want to lose weight and tone up plus keep my sugar in check.  I heard you speak about insulin when you were discussing the effect fat free cookies have on blood sugar.  I wondered if this could finally be what I'm looking for.  I want to be healthy.  Can you help?

Answer: While I wouldn't say my Answer Program "deals" with diabetes, it does address blood sugar.  The way that it will teach you to eat (Supportive Nutrition) is not only optimal for diabetics, but is probably more essential to anyone with hyperglycemia than it is to people with normal blood sugar levels.  The combination of the exercise and nutrition you'll learn in the program have a blood sugar stabilizing effect provided the pancreas is functioning properly.  Some diabetics do produce enough insulin but are somewhat resistant to the insulin they produce where others have insufficient insulin output.  I've found many cases of diabetes to have been induced over time by infrequent eating, intake of simple sugars in erratic amounts for a number of years, or bouts with dieting.  In a great many of those cases, people have contacted me after going through my programs and told me they experienced fantastic improvements.  I've had "diabetics" claim to be "cured."  I've had doctors call me amazed by the improvements in their diabetic patients.  If you go to my web site and look at the actual photos (under the TRANSFORM! program) of Wayne, he was one of those people!  He's diabetic.  His doctor was amazed by the improvement. 

What you likely heard me referring to was the fact that so many people in search of weight loss use "fat free" as a buying signal.  Fat free ice cream, cookies, cakes, and pastries often have simple sugars as their primary ingredient.  When someone looking to lose weight ingests a simple sugar (even if it's in a fat-free cookie), all of that sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly bringing a condition, even in non-diabetic people, of momentary hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  The pancreas in the non-diabetic then increases insulin output to transport all of the "extra" sugar into the muscles and liver to be stored.  In order, however, for the pancreas to up its production of insulin, it backs off on its production of another hormone, glucagon.  Glucagon is the hormone that releases fat.  You can see a very close link, therefore, between blood sugar and the body's ability to access stored bodyfat. 

My programs encourage you to avoid simple sugars and to avoid eating simple or complex carbs by themselves. When complex carbs are consumed in the presence of protein and fibers, the rush of sugars into the bloodstream is slowed resulting in a gradual glucose release and preventing that sudden blood sugar spike that diabetics must avoid.

I don't present the program(s) as a cure, but rather as an education.  With this education you'll be far better prepared to deal with the disease as well as to reshape a new, healthier body. I am fully confident in suggesting you give either TRANSFORM! or the Answer program a try (with your doctor's OK of course).  Let me know how it works out.

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