Androstene and Friends

Androstene is one of those "testosterone precursors."  Ads for such products promise to turn you into a massive bodybuilder with the strength of Hercules and all the sexual stamina of the top ranked adult film star.  Is testosterone truly responsible for muscle size, strength, and sex drive?  Absolutely.  Does that mean randomly messing with your own hormonal levels is going to bring you sex, strength, and happiness?  You'd better think twice before buying into the hype the ads throw your way.

I think the most elegant example of the unpredictable outcome of hormonal manipulation is the number of male competitive and pro bodybuilders who have experienced bouts with gynecomastia.  If that term is unfamiliar to you, the gym rats who are familiar with steroid use and potential side effects have developed the term "bitch tits."  Males, by using chemical enhancement (steroids) to increase muscle and strength, wind up consulting with cosmetic surgeons to have FEMALE BREAST TISSUE surgically removed!

Remember, whether you start at the top with DHEA, or you interfere further along the hormonal cascade, hormones are inter-related, and when you mess around with one, you can't help but affect others.  The body has several mechanisms of balancing testosterone and estrogen, and when testosterone is increased through supraphysiological dosages, the estrogen response is usually significant.  It is quite possible, as illustrated by the use of the new OTC precursors, to alter hormonal levels without affecting those positive attributes users desire.  Throw your serum testosterone levels out of balance and you can expect acne, increased onset of male pattern baldness, aggressiveness, moodiness, and unpredictable sexual response, but the muscle growth attributed to steroids has not been attained, despite the hype, with DHEA, androstene and their hormonal cousins.  I'd urge you to avoid the precursors.  After working with thousands of users, I have never once seen a single one achieve the true benefit they were hoping for, and I have met many who were visiting cosmetic surgeons . . . and even worse . . . searching for Viagra prescriptions.

The good news is, with a supportive grip on your nutrition and exercise, it is quite possible to increase endogenous testosterone production in a manner that offers the muscle building benefit without any potential side effects.

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