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Two Extreme Fitness Programs for 2005


is now available
as is Exceeding Excellence

In 2005 the ephedra-free fat burners are making all sorts of unfounded promises despite the FTC's promise to "crack down."  In 2005 the drug companies are preparing to release a leptin or lipin drug that will probably generate billions of dollars before the side effects are made public.  In 2005 a new breed of appetite suppressants will hit the market.  Here's the scary part.  If the trend continues, in 2005 our population will be more deconditioned than it was in 2004!   In fact, for the first time in recent history, life expectancy is predicted to go backward!

Those of you who attended my 2005 Breakthroughs Seminar have heard me discuss how technology has helped mankind evolve in virtually every area, and as new discoveries lead us to added conveniences, the food companies, supplement companies, and product marketers have learned to capitalize on a very vulnerable marketplace. 

Why vulnerable? Well, firstly because as computerization and pocket sized entertainment become commonplace, required activity is diminished.  That, without sensible intervention, guarantees a fat America. The drive-through windows for most have become not only a viable meal option, but a preferred one.  The products labeled "3 net carbs" or "sugar-free" loaded with sugar alcohols are consumed in increasing amounts, the bleached and processed foods that fill the center aisles of every supermarket are easily converted into triglycerides, and with over 4,000 diet books in publication America grows more confused by the day. 

That's why I'm excited.  I've been working my proverbial tail off (you didn't know I had a proverbial tail, did you?) in order to release two new programs this year. 

In this update I'd like to share some information regarding their release and I'd also like to share an opportunity for you to experience the results of these life-altering programs. 

The two programs are:

The Fitness Masterpiece!
A Fail-Proof Program For a New Fit America

Exceeding Excellence
A Journey Beyond Physical Excellence
By Phil Kaplan and Juan Carlos Santana

Both programs are "cutting edge," both guaranteed to deliver results consistently . . . without fail!

The prototypes were released in March and we already have amassed a few hundred new testimonials, with new "thank you's" coming in every day! Sure, I have thousands of testimonials for the original TRANSFORM!, and we have the original dozen for Exceeding Excellence (since it was developed and tested with 12 people just months ago), but I want more!  This year I want to bring my proven technology of change to the masses, and to convince the confused, the misled, and the skeptical, r I'm building up an arsenal of evidence.  Real people following the programs achieving radically positive physical changes beyond their expectations. 

TRANSFORM! The Fitness Masterpiece

To kick off the New TRANSFORM!, I put together a group of 10 people who invested $1200 each to work with me personally through the 17 week TRANSFORM! regimen.  The participants are amazed by the control they now have over their bodies. It was only a few short weeks before changes became evident.  Energy increases. Other people noticing. Clothes fitting differently. As we progressed through the program I 14 hours of audio. That's almost double what I had in the original TRANSFORM!  I've included Mental Conditioning Strategies, explanations of the new jargon, and realities behind the latest product offerings.   I've also modified the program to make it even more complete in terms of its ability to deliver a balanced physique and enhanced performance in virtually any arena. Unlike the original which features audiocassettes, the NEW TRANSFORM contain audio CD's. 14 of 'em!

That's Not All . . .

I had my January 13 2005 kickoff Breakthroughs Seminar videotaped to be included in The NEW TRANSFORM!  So the new program comes with a total of 17 hours on DVD and audio CD. I assure you, this is the most complete fitness, health, exercise, nutrition, and body transformation program in existence. I guarantee it will be the best fitness investment you ever make, the last one you ever need!

The NEW TRANSFORM! sells for $249, a tiny fraction of what the original group paid to go through the program, and although I won't be there in person, I'll show up in your CD player and your DVD player to guide you, to coach you, and most of all, to empower you.

If you're ready to trade your body in for a new one, get The New TRANSFORM!

For Those Who Have Already Achieve "Physical Excellence" . . . .

OK, I know I said there were two programs, and yes, Exceeding Excellence is also available.  To the right you'll see some of the original participants who took the liberty of making shirts up attributing their new bodies to Carlos and I. We were very quick to assure them, we didn't do it. We simply gave them the power!

I initially offered the prototype of Exceeding Excellence only to Personal Fitness Trainers.  We sold out of the 250 we were having produced before the ink was even dry.

Last Friday I was sitting in my office in a staff meeting and Holly asked, "why don't you offer the Exceeding Excellence prototype on your show tomorrow?" 

I thought about it and initially decided not to, for two reasons: 

  1. I wanted trainers to get their hands on it first so they could use it with their clients before it was available everywhere (and of course document the results)

  2. The book is simply a spiral bound prototype manual and the CD's are anything but fancy and I didn't want to release it publicly in manuscript form. 

Since that staff meeting, I've met more than a few people who could have found great value in Exceeding Excellence in its existing form, so after careful contemplation, I decided to make Exceeding Excellence available to customers and clients who have already achieved a high level of fitness and who are willing to commit to an unconventional life-changing program guaranteed to help them raise the bar, to "exceed excellence." 

Exceeding Excellence (revealing "The Triangle of Excellence") will sell for $149, but the prototype is available for $89. 

You don't need both programs, in fact, you don't "need" either.  The question is, how badly do you want to change. If you're ready to trade your body in for a new one, then it's time to make the decision. The "which one to try" question is simple to resolve. 

If you're already at your best, if you're training hard, working out on a regular basis, if you're lean and performance oriented, then you want to go ahead and order your advance copy of Exceeding Excellence.

If you seek a dramatic transformation including significant fat loss, muscle increase, toning, and a dramatic increase in energy, if you want to come to master the proven technology of positive physical change, go ahead and order The NEW TRANSFORM! 

You can either click here for Exceeding Excellence, or here for The NEW TRANSFORM! 

Of course you can also order by calling Holly at 1 800 552-1998.

Wishing you a great 2005, and looking forward to hearing of your results!

Phil Kaplan


1 800 552-1998

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