Phil Kaplan Invites You to Begin a Journey . . .

OK, it's time. All excuses can be put to rest.

You can read some of my articles to make certain you completely trust that my commitment to "The Fitness Truth" is a lifelong commitment, you can listen to my radio shows until you believe that I'm the real deal, or you can decide, right now, to initiate the most dramatically positive change you've ever made.

You can gain control once and for all by beginning the 21 Day Journey to Excellence!

21 Days is enough time to show indisputable evidence of improvement. 

21 Days is the length of time it took for 150 individuals who I worked with personally to go from a place of doubt to a place of clarity, a place where they gained complete control over the way their bodies look and feel. 

21 Days is the length of time it will take you to smile from ear to ear knowing weight loss or fitness challenges are a thing of the past.

If you live in South Florida you can join me personally, but geography shall no longer limit you! With the proven and empowering remote version, you can go through the 21 Day Journey to Excellence wherever you are.

In South Florida I have live groups and workshops, but hundreds have already found the same results as my personal clients with the Remote version, an affordable option giving you audio, visual, and exercise components combining to bring you the same level of clarity as my personal clients find.

You get the complete four-part text sent via the internet as simple to read PDF files.

I “instruct” using photos, illustrations, explanations, and video clips. 

I've also made accessible the same audio / visual presentations I use in my group sessions online. 

I’ve created the program with exercises that can be performed at home with nothing more than resistance tubing and a stability ball ($36), and if you want to go one step further, get a set of dumbbells you can purchase in any sporting goods store.  The program lends itself to every fitness level, ranging from the highest level of athlete to the exercise phobic.

Within 21 days here's what I guarantee you'll notice:

  • Dramatic changes in energy
  • Measurable shifts in body composition
  • You'll see fat reduction if that's a goal
  • You'll find radical improvement in the way your body functions
  • Most of all you'll feel 100% empowered to keep the initial results consistent and ongoing.

Someone asked whether the results of my program are lasting. Click here for my response, or more accurately, for some words from someone who's made quite an impressive change.

The 21 Day Journey to Excellence is here!  If you’re ready to enroll, just register for $89 and within 48 hours you’ll receive complete access.

No more excuses. Register now.


The Brand New 21-Day Journey to Excellence - "Remote!"

Anyone, Anywhere Can Now Experience the Journey!

Call 1 800 552-1998 to register or register online NOW!

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Just remember, you can explore, think and wonder all you want . . .

the results will begin when you do.

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