The New "You Can't Fail" Workshops

Learn From Phil Kaplan personally!

Since 1995 Phil's been conducting Small Group Workshops where between 8 and 12 people from all walks of life would visit with him 4 - 6 times over a 17 week period. Many of the testimonials and before and after photos you've seen in Phil's videos and literature came from those small groups. In 2005, Phil's focus addresses "fitness failure," and his new live program is aptly titled, "You can't fail." It's for anyone who has tried to lose weight, shape up, or find physical improvement and fallen short. You'll come to understand precisely why previous programs failed you, and most of all you'll walk away with a simple program in which failure is not an option. It's simple, it's powerful, and while the rate at which you achieve results will vary with the individual, the program is structured so you begin a process of gradual and ongoing improvement. Learn directly from Phil in a small group setting that promises to be the most empowering 90 minutes of your life!

Join Phil Kaplan, Live!

at Phil's new offices

in the Wellington Park of Commerce

(call for driving directions)

Don't miss this rare opportunity
to get to know Phil personally,
and to allow him
to uncover the secrets
that will help you find
a Body You Love!

Call 1 800 552-1998 for Next Opening

You'll meet with Phil in his private offices in the city of Wellington, 15 minutes from Boca Raton in Palm Beach county. Registration is $89.99 and is backed by an unconditional money back guarantee. Normally a single session with Phil is $250, so this is a rare opportunity to get tremendous value for a very low price.

The Small Group Workshops always sell out. If you live in South Florida, all you have to is call Holly at 1 800 552-1998 and register.

Don't approach this as if it's a program that's going to bring you to the pinnacle of fitness in a matter of days. That sort of unrealistic thinking is what drives so many to attempt drastic diets and do themselves metabolic damage. This is an education, during which you'll apply what you learn and you'll see measurable improvement in all areas of fitness (including loss of bodyfat if that's a goal). Your metabolism will be noticeably better, your clothes will fit better, and most people report finding a new enjoyment of life, but that's not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to teach you, in 90 minutes, how to integrate some new methodologies into your life so they become habits. At the end of the session you'll completely understand how to boost metabolism, copmmand limitless energy, shape muscle, improve performance, and liberate and incinerate stored bodyfat. From that point forward you're in complete control. These Small Group Workshops will teach you to find ongoing improvement.

Here's just a piece of what you'll learn to do:

You'll learn to make nutritional shifts that allow you to release fat, even with minimal exercise.

You'll develop a complete understanding of why your previous attempts might have failed.

You'll learn to improve not only strength and body composition, but balance, coordination, flexibility and real world function.

You'll learn how simple adjustments in the way you eat and exercise call allow you to completely reshape your body.

Phil will teach you to turn your body into a literal fat burning machine!

You'll learn to eat more food than ever and keep fat release consistent!

You'll learn which few supplements really have value.

You'll learn how you can exercise at home with minimal equipment and achieve dramatic results.

UItimately you'll be empowered to maintain total Control over the way your body looks and feels!

This program will attract people of all ages (over 18) and fitness levels!

Register now!  

Call Holly at

1 800 552-1998

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