Get Phil Kaplan As Your Coach, for near $2 a day!

A Special Offer

Get Phil as your coach . . . for less than $2 a day!

If you want to lead the fitness field, if you want to command income in line with top legal and medical professionals, if you want to be one of the true Personal Training Elite . . . be prepared . . . it's all within your reach! Read on for some empowering secrets . . . .

Too many have been attempting to imitate the proven success secrets Phil Kaplan shares, and the industry is now clamored with inferior programs. Only a speaker at the top fitness conventions, a writer for the top industry magazines, and a personal trainer who has found the keys of success can share the true inside track. Now . . .every one of Phil Kaplan's secrets can be yours!

Don't get caught up in the hype. This is a legitimate opportunity to find Growth With Integrity. Phil Kaplan has gained a position of respect as the true fitness business leader. His courses, seminars, and programs have helped hundreds of trainer move up to six-figure incomes doing what they love and loving what they do. Now, you can join those who have mastered the secrets of Personal Fitness Training success. This is far and away the most valuable offer Phil has ever made to fitness professionals.

Phil as your coach, for $2 a day!!!!!

By now you're probably aware of his coaching program. He's accepted 40 trainers from around the globe for this first of it's kind mentoring experience. Step by step, Phil provides guidance toward explosive career growth. The coaching program is $1299, of course backed by an unconditional money back guarantee, but now that all 40 spots are filled, Phil's making a new offer.

All of the vital information Phil shares with his students was recorded on 6 empowering audio CD's, each one providing another step toward the pinnacle of success. It's as if Phil is right in your corner, educating you, guiding you, and providing the "how to's" that are absolutely guaranteed to multiply both your income and the personal reward you find in your Personal Training career. You'll learn to consistently grow by bettering the lives of others and the speed with which you'll gain professional respect will prove astounding. The 6 CD's are designed to be listened to 30 days apart, so the entire program will take you through six months of incredible growth.

Here's the special offer.

You can get the 6 audio CD's that drive the coaching program, along with the guidebooks coaching students use as their map down the road to success, for only $349! That's a 6 month program for less than $2 a day!

You won't get the personal attention from Phil and his staff that coaching students receive, but the information in the CD's and books is guaranteed to blow the roof off of your profit potential! In fact, if any time in the first 60 days you don't see the potential for your income to double by the conclusion of the six months, simply send the CD's back for a full refund. There's no stronger guarantee in the entire industry!

It's Affordable for Anyone!

If $349 isn't affordable right now, that's OK. You can order Volume I for only $119. You'll receive two CD's to be listened to 30 days apart. At the end of that 30 days, you're guaranteed to have seen a significant increase in income and the program will clearly have paid for itself. At that point you can send $119 for the next set of CD's, and 60 days later, the final set.

Phil's taken a few excerpts from the CD, just to give you an idea of the powerful information coaching students receive. Listen now. Then, place your order. We urge you not to miss this rare opportunity.

Grab your calendar and mark the date 6 months from today. That's the day you can rest assured you'll have complete and total career security with a paycheck most trainers can only wish for! To order your 6 CD's for only $349, or to order just the first Volume for $119, call Holly at 1 800 552-1998.


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