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The Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour
Tune in Anytime to Previous Broadcasts or Listen Live (below)!


You want the straight scoop, the real deal, the Fitness Truth?

Tune in every Saturday, now at 11 AM Eastern Time
for the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour

Broadcast in South Florida on am-940 WINZ, South Florida's Progressive Talk Radio

(listen live on the web)

Phil's syndicated Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour
has become a part of the Health Radio Network.

Same show.

Live Phone calls.

Same Fitness Truth!

The syndicated show is broadcast live on select stations in a host of cities including:

WTIX-AM (1480) Richmond, VA. 11:00 - Noon
WBNW-AM (1120) Boston, MA 11:00 - Noon
KWYD-AM (1580) Colorado Springs, CO. 9:00 - 10:00 AM
WKKD-AM (1580) Chicago, IL. 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Tune in Anytime to Previous Broadcasts!

"The Mind and Muscle Fitness Hour" with Phil Kaplan is on South Florida's Progressive Talk Station, WINZ, AM-940 every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM, EST. Phil has established a position as the purveyor of "fitness truth" and his radio show has become a reliable vehicle thousands have learned to depend on.

Weight loss, fitness, health, nutrition, supplementation, and exercise are all topics that prey on the mind of so many frustrated Americans. The Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour sets them free to achieve virtually any result they seek! The show is driven by phone calls and the phone lines fill up minutes after each show begins.

While "conventional fitness and weight loss wisdom" continues to fail people, Phil clears up the myths, addresses the widespread existence of fitness fraud, and empowers people to change in positive ways. A plaque on his office wall from the esteemed Fitness Institute honors Phil's commitment to integrity in delivering the elusive truth that people NEED.

Quite simply, this is the most empowering fitness related program in existence. The letters of gratitude and testimonials from listeners speak for themselves.

"Dear Phil: I just happened to be listening to AM news and came across your show. You held me there with every thing you had to say. From that minute on, I was driving with one hand and writing with the other. I feel as if I finally found a genuine expert and can't wait to start applying all the ideas I'm learning from you. I now set my alarm clock for 8:50 AM on Saturdays. I never want to miss your show."
~Beth Mulligan, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Mr. Kaplan, I finally have what I've been missing in my on-and-off fitness efforts: focus and clear direction. I appreciate your explanations of why the techniques are effective, rather than just instructing us to blindly follow along. This is the first time I've ever written or called any show, but I was motivated to write because I enjoy your show a great deal and am anxious to get more out of it. Keep up your great and important work. We need more people like you. "
~Regards, Jose Alvarez, Miami, Florida

"Dear Phil, I listened to your show for advice, set out to change my lifestyle and started living healthily. I just had my 44th birthday and my present to myself is a drop in my blood pressure from 145/ 95 to a 113/78. My heart rate has dropped from 98 beats per minute to a heart rate in the low 60's. I have lost 70 lbs. I lost 6 jacket sizes and 8 inches of my waist in 6 months! Thanks so much for your concern and giving of your wisdom for my health. God Bless."
~Tim Meadows, Pembroke Pines, Florida

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